The Hitman Screenshot Thread


What’s the best way to take screenshots on PS4? Do you just hit the share button at the right time or is there a better way?


Go to the menu -> graphics. Then press :black_square_button: to hide the menu. You can now take a perfectly clean screenshot by hitting the share button. Only make sure you pause the menu at the right time when you want to make a screenshot.

Try it out, you’ll see it works pretty well! :slight_smile:


I always wondered how people got rid of the prompts, thanks for the tip.


If you want a completely clean screenshot I advise you to turn off the HUD and minimap and time it at the right moment. My methode still shows a small square in the corner, but it works really well for timing a great shot.



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Nice shots! Please upload more fps!


Nice, looks like you’ve been having fun.


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Nice pictures! But did you increase the size after taking them?


No, why?


I can see the single pixels but they are larger and a bit blurred. That usually hapens if you increase the size of pictures.

EDIT: Only the pictures of the ET and Whittleton Creek, the others are fine.


Huh, weird. I only convert them from .png to .jpeg with quality of compression set to 11 or 12, nothing else. Not really sure i understand what you mean, maybe it’s the Depth of field Ansel filter doing that? - If you mean that blurry jaggynes around some edges of objects that are in different plans.


I can’t really explain it if you have no idea of this stuff. I try:

I made a quick simple picture with black pixels. Left the original, right after scaling it up.

grafik grafik

You should already notice the black pixels on the right appear larger. Here the whole sized up in a way that causes no blur. So you see the difference closer.

grafik grafik

Your screenshots of the ET and Whittleton Creek are made of pixels that look like on the right. The other screenshots like on the left.

Can’t explain it any better.


No, no, i know what you mean by blurry enlarged pixels (i do work in the visual field), but dunno which ones specifically you mean on those pictures, bc the the game itself has a lot of blurry overblown textures (e. g. Spencers’s coat is already that pixelated and blurry in-game), or you mean that fragmentation around objects, that sometimes occurs when depth of field filter is being fiddly. I don’t see any major difference between ET&WC and other pics in my browser, nor in my original files.


The whole area of the pictures. Not just parts of them. But to make it obvious here two details:

grafik grafik

Both are sized up to 200% from the original. First is sharp, you can see individual pixels as such. Like the facial hair with the light background shining through. Second is blurry, the pixels you can identify are larger than in the first picture. The light background is not able to shine through as crisp. And this is the case in the whole pictures.


That’s just that effing bloom tho, nothing else. That’s what i was saying in the other thread, it makes everything look blurry. Like in photography, if you burn through the threshold levels with too much light, details will just get fucked up (and pixels with it), which is what’s happening with bloom on this map.These pics are taken with the same settings, converted with the same software and the same compression. There is nothing i did differently between them.