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Mod or photo editing?

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I don’t know but I wish it looked like this when I played.


Looks absolutely quality, have a word with IO to get this implemented will you! :wink:


The perfect suit for ambushing people in the shower.


47! I have the high ground!


Enjoying the view in Mumbai :heart:


I really like the colours and lighting in this room. I also really like painting the floor red with the guy in the shower.





When I said you should be in an art gallery I didn’t mean it like that!


Valentine’s Day is close , so here’s my ‘‘broken heart’’ creation!!

Yuki was ‘‘deadly’’ cooperative :stuck_out_tongue: and I had fun trying to ‘‘draw’’ with the snowballs!!
Unfortunately they will be removed from the map in a few days…
[PS4Pro-Snow Festival Hokkaido]
29snowballs,5icicles (heart)
2wrenches/1hammer/1batton/firepoker (47)
bust/kruegmeier (shot)

P.S. IOI please give us finally Photo Mode on Ps4!!!
At least, remove this ‘‘Show Menu’’ message while checking Graphics.
Is it so difficult to remove this annoying line???


Wow that pin looks great. I would much rather have that be the “mark 2 look”


Portraits and some nonsense:

“Whatcha thinkin about?” “Dunno… murder stuff, i guess”


David Lynch will see you now

Bald guy power transfer complete




Go on just try to caption without using THAT word. I dare you…



I turned everything off, but I could not get rid of the “Change Cover” prompt. This is on PS4. Anyone know if there is a way to turn that off? This shot is so awesome, but that text just ruins it for me.


There seems to be no option. There was a mod for Hitman2016 to turn off all HUD elements. So I guess it will need one again with console people getting no option at all. :frowning:

There is this button “Remove Hud” when you are in the graphics menu (bottom left) but you still have a visible note how to activate it again.


I was able to change the angle to work around it, but it is not as good a picture


When you stare into the Black Mirror, it stares into your soul.


Or just glitches out or something.