The Hitman Screenshot Thread


When the same bald guy turns up and each time some crazy shit happens.

I wish the duck would just swim into the Spa this way.

When you are irl and some stranger is on HMF and you want to know his nickname.

Flatline looks great in the HD collection!


If you go into the menus and graphics you can take a screenshot without prompts, but it displays a different prompt in the lower left.

So maybe take two photos, one with either prompt and merge them together to crop out the prompts? :sweat_smile: Might work


I appreciate the info, but I went into graphics and turned off everything. THe “Change Cover” prompt was still there.



Gonna look right now and see if PS4 has that option. Even if it doesn’t, bro hug and hi-five for pointing that out.


Not perfect, but I can definitely work better with this. Thank you so much!


Thanks for clarifying my point, I forgot how the thing worked :sweat_smile:


And thanks to you as well.



Wall Wars: Revenge Of The Wallhack


On this Valentine’s Day, get yourself a man who looks at you like 47 looks at these cakes.



St. Valentine’s Day just passed by, so it’s about time for some tenderness :slight_smile:


I never knew part of the city backdrop in Bangkok was an actual model, Huh.


Also, i’ve seen people talking about a camera mode. How do you activate it? (I’m on PC.)


You have to have Nvidia card and you activate it by pushing Alt+F2. You should see a little pop-up about it right at the start of the game, if your card supports it.




Now how did that get there?


everything about this image is suspicious