The Hitman Screenshot Thread


I don’t see any reasons on why you would think that, it’s just a perfectly normal screenshot of Hawke’s Bay :wink:


Everybody knows Carlton is not in New Zealand, Carlton is in Victoria.


He’s just on a holiday.


Oh well then I hope he visits the Royal Expo Building and Gardens I hear they are lovely this time of the year.


Self made


the water in Sgail is the coolest imo. i love how crazy it is


How dare you call our beautiful man @Agent.Smith for “that”!



THAT is Carlton Smith: Interpol agent, running gag and Easter Egg. Quite unfortunate


you know … I had REallY hoped that you did not say that


Sorry but I saw an opportunity and I took it.


“i saw an opportunity and so i seized it” :smile:


At least when I seize an opportunity I don’t almost plunge a nation into a military dictatorship.


Hehe thats right and that is why you are forgiven :smile:


Nice Shot

Heart Failure

Unfortunate Accident

Tickling the Hole


Putting out the Trash

Scarred for Life

How may I wrench you?

Another Heart Failure

Sapienza Snowball-fight

This is the Shit

I need to use the bathroom

I’m a dolphin


Lunar Flyby

Clue Revealed (LA Noire Reference)

I will teach you ballet

Add Wallbang PLS


Blood Absolution Assassin




That’d hurt!

Patient Negative 1


Finally got my own suit. I wanted to mod the masked tux first but couldn’t find all related textures.
So I edited the suit everyone so far have edited. Thanks @Notex for the tutorial!


That looks awesome. Can’t wait to see how your modified tux suit looks like.


Mrs. Wilson! :astonished:


@Urben your on Instagram although it says of the week. Not current but wanted to let you know. Congrats.


Yeah it is on Twitter and maybe Facebook as well. They seem to have forgotten to post it in time I assume as it was some time ago when they asked me.


Found this pic in my folder.