The Hitman Screenshot Thread



These marks randomly appeared while playing in Sapienza, idk what they even are lmao.



Did he have a call with Mr. Shadow?



Another edited image. Since that screen is often in my videos I thought I make it unique. I reinstalled Arkham Origins just to make that image. :slight_smile: sadly that game has a bad camera angle so the arm is quite smaller than it should. Whatev, Thanks again @Notex


Good morning, 47. Your target is the Outsider




Forum performance and images

Not your standard screenshot, but a personal achievement! 100% on the trophies!

Shoutout to @GTAJJ for the help on Sniper Assassin


It’s deeply pleasing, isn’t it? :grin:


Like you wouldn’t believe mate! I’ve been holding off the Sniper Assassin challenges for ages and finally got them done last night, just as satisfying as unlocking everything! now its time to go back and try and complete every single challenge in each location :sleeping::tired_face:


Congratulations! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Thank you man!






Is this the best looking version so far?
I haven’t tried it yet


It’s not like the 2015’s original BUT they got it pretty damn close with this one, they even removed the red tint when you’re indoors.
Also they saved Landslide.



Contract Completed

What are you looking at, Master of Disguise?


how the fuck are you doing this shit lmao


I’m sure some of you already took photos of the Sanguine Fashion show, but here’s my take on it!