The Hitman Screenshot Thread





surprised they textured the little red veins too

Must not make your-mom joke, must not make your-mom joke…


Just taking a nap.


I’ll take this moment to remark how the unconscious NPC shoulders move right at the shoulder joint and how this looks… gross (to me). It’s like their shoulder-blade/collar-bone is fused in place, yet for their shoulder to move at that point and some of the angles it bends… I get the same feeling when I see a knee or elbow hyper-extended. Like, those things shouldn’t bend like that. :nauseated_face:

eta: Since I made this post, I guess I’m now obligated to post some pics showing this. We’ll see.



The rag-doll physics don’t move the shoulders. Looks brutal, IMO.

The other binocular thing to the left was also at an odd angle. Probably suited for the bugs topic, but what’s the point?

More snappy shoulder porn. :grimacing:

Tuk-Tuk don’t give a Tuk. Can’t quite reach Exit activation prompt.

Psst. Hey buddy?



I know people are into baggy pants, but jesus.


This is like the 3rd time I’ve seen this image reposted lol.




It’s my image actually. I’m just posting it to a lot of threads lol.



Is that the amazing Alien 47?


This is what it looks like if someone looked back through the keyhole 47 was looking in :joy:


This in particular was in Alma’s wardrobe…and he was spying on her, I think. Sean lite was dead by then…:wink: