The Hitman screenshot thread


Me: Buys HITMAN.




UMMM… like, WHAT?


DEBATE: Should this count as being spotted?


Well it might, but we don’t actually know if he has his eyes open or not, with the sunglasses.


It really looks like eye-contact tho


“H-h-hi there Mr Mcveigh! G-g-glad to see you m-m-made it to work!”



Interesting, never noticed the downgrade.


I wouldn’t call that a downgrade. Just different lighting and saturation on top of an old facial model with some depth of field effects.


Great thing Hitman is not developed by Ubisoft :grin:
Sorry I had to


Still, the lighting, saturation and face of the trailer were better imo.


are you using a sweetfx preset or something? The game doesn’t look THAT desaturated on my system. (although still miles away from the trailer footage)


Could be worse… :joy:



I really don’t know what it is. I’ve set everything to ultra and I didn’t mod anything.


If you have a small penis the graphics will adjust to it. Just thought you guys would like to know.


One day we’ll meet again old friends …


I prefer existed model of 47 what you call ,Reality". Its more creepier and describing 47 characters personality. Taste is not right subjerct to argue.


It IS reality: that’s the real model they used in the game :slight_smile:


It was sarcasm and you know it. Dont argue with me on it please. = )