The Hitman screenshot thread


This corner looks a lot like Traditions of the trade.
I like this corner.


No no, I meant they are actually making another one I heard… in 3D I think I forget… it’s like a remake I believe


Hahaha did you just wake up from cryogenic sleep or something? :smiley:


Lmao no, but I didn’t have my coffee yet, if that counts for something :sweat_smile:

I honestly didn’t know there was a second one lol it that case, I heard they are making a third haha


I love you man. You’re so adorably oblivious :smiley:



Casual Elegance. Just blasting NPCs out of his way. #BadAss47


If you had to choose between notifying security or having to tolerate the urge of puking and risking to spill some of that over your nice leather loafers, first go to take the puke. Dead people can always wait a lot of time.


Mr 47 doesn’t seem to be taking his work very seriously these days, or is that just his quirky brother 17 fooling around. :smile:


Why is silver present in the corner of his mouth?
It was 47 pumping lead into him.


This is amazing.
I have to put more characters in to create a post.


Seems like taking selfies are more important than the job now, we always knew 47 was superior to his brother in comparison. :+1:


I love this feature in codename 47, the game looks very old and dated but no doubt you can still make some cool looking screenshots.


indeed! I have taken many over the years and still have alot of fun with it


47: How 'bout some dual catwalk? :sunglasses:


I actually really admire the way those old graphics look and were made use of. I like how clear and noticeable all the effects are too (muzzle flash/ smoke, bullet trails, shell casings, blood mist, the chunks of blood etc.) The game still stands out to me as truly unique and worthwhile


I agree, a lot of people look down on codename 47 for how old it is and how it doesn’t have a rating system , even though the controls are also a little different it doesn’t take that long to adjust to them and the game itself was pretty revolutionary in my opinion showing off a lot of features included in the game. I say it’s still worth playing as it included the origins of 47’s backstory. I consider this game still to be fun and I was lucky enough to pick up a copy if this game for £0.10, yes I’m not joking I got this classic game for 10 pence at one of my local stores ! I thought the store owner was crazy letting me take this game for only a few pennies. :joy:


Never mind, it seems like 47 has been caught guilty of doing the same thing instead he’s trying out his racist Chinese impression.


This picture alone is also very similar looking to one of the promotional posters for Blood Money, very nice screenshot. :wink:


LMAO! and thanks! that was my inspiration;

here’s another one like it: