The Hitman screenshot thread


and some more


Brilliant shots ! they defiantly bring out the remorseless behaviour in 47. :sunglasses:



I’m a simple old fan. I see Hitman Codename 47 with a silenced Beretta 92, I upvote



Wow that looks exactly like it, very impressive ! great work. :sunglasses:


Few Katana shots from the Himmapan.


I managed to kill Mr. Kong by electrocution and with the fiber wire, at the same time:




Props to Io for that landscape. Looking at it really makes me wish we could go over there too.

Ha Ha…a handlebar mustache…because he’s Italian.

When your mom wants you to behave for the family photo, but your big bro has different plans.

The game glitched in these last two. I think because I’m on top of the gravestone, the guard can’t complete the animation that would allow me to attack him after the fake surrender. In short, we were stuck in an endless face-off with each other.


So romantic… :smiley:



Looks like one of the No.48 clones managed to escape the asylum lab alive. :wink:




come back to youtube m8, miss you and your videos :cry:


If IOI would turn this into an actual setting in game, I will pre-order every game they release for the next 10 years.

They can hold me to that.

A No. 48 mode where you could kill a whole map with that smile? Fuck yeah!


I knocked her out like this.



I knew someone would use FaceApp on 47. :smiley: I love playing with the smile-function. It always makes me laugh.

Oh god the nightmares.


47 pissed and ready!!!