The Hitman screenshot thread


He died like this.




A man must never be left behind,


Get down here!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Agent 47 is “The Bay Harbor Butcher”


Really childish, but I did let out a little

when I strolled past these fellas.


Since it’s Hitman, “disguise motherfucker” suits it more.


“First prize” mother*ucker! :joy: Those were pretty good. Haha


How lovely


And 47 is standing like “This is none of my business but these two fellas better give me a tip after this”


Is this girl standing on the counter for sale?


The cones were hanging too high for her anyway to reach.



Use the holy water!


Could some one please get me some screens from Codename 47 The Setup of the gate with the logo? I will need a few that you can clearly see the logo.
Thank you in advance



Thank you :heart_eyes: I wanted to see how the logo evolved.
For example. In Codename 47 they modeled the logo like this. In H2 it looks like something out of a Spawn movie and I really like it. Its like the logo has bones here.