The Hitman screenshot thread


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Absolutely. Totally agree!


Not for me. Butler disguise can be grabbed in less than 1 minute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But what does that even matter? Opportunities like this one shouldn’t have been ignored, but should have been treated more like an exploration reward for anyone willing to do it (as you said).



I regret nothing.


Eh, not really though. Could be used to get different information out of certain NPCs. Different disguises enabling different conversations. All I suggested was conversations with different speech options, not turning the game into an RPG so calm yo ass.


Eh, yes really though.

I already explained why this would not fit the game. If there are no pro or cons to the outcome then it’s a mute conversation between 47 and the npc. If there is pro or cons then it could jinx ones playthrough, if one choses “wrong”. Also the most optimal conversation path would serve as the go to in 99% of all SA runs.

As well as it would not fit the character, since 47 would draw a lot more attention to himself and the responses would be very limited based on the already existing character traits.

Conversations with different anwsers like Mass effect or and other RPGs exists because you can shape the character in your image. 47 personality already exist.

What’s with the attitude tough guy? Not saying you want to turn the game into a RPG…im saying that I find any kind of RPG elements to be a ill fit for the franchise, take note the key words RPG elements here before you get your knickers in a twist. So keep your shit attitude to yourself.


Are you dense? Why would you need all those RPG elements you keep mentioning for a simple multi-option dialogue part? If it’s simply to gain more intel on the target (and not at all vital to the SA rating, why would it be?), then none of that it needed. Really don’t know what you’re getting at.

No, no and no. There are plenty of game with dialogue systems that aren’t meant to shape the character at all. You’re simply just wrong there.

The cringe on this forum sometimes I swear to god…


My initial reaction is to leave it out for the sake of simplicity, but I can imagine situations where it would be a really neat feature, and it wouldn’t necessarily have to affect playthroughs or “SA runs” , it would bug me if it was compulsory and got in the way of that, but implemented appropriately it could bring some depth to our experience, for example 47 might strike up a conversation with a bartender, and instead of having the typical single line of dialogue you could steer it to learn about different paths and elements of the mission, or to ask for a key to the bathroom. (such a thing would not be a bother on someones first playthrough as that is clasically the whole point of the game to study and discover the various secrets a level holds) NPC’s have always given 47 clues and tips through interaction, just with this, you would have to pick at them a bit for it. I like this idea.


Apparently you are the dense one, since you can’t seem to grasp that i’m only sticking to that one RPG element that you want introducerede into the series. Conversations with multi-option dialog parts, i don’t like RPG games and i don’t want any classic RPG elements in Hitman. The multiple option conversation feature only makes sense if there are different outcomes to the dialog. That is why they exist in RPGs.

I don’t mind other ways of getting more intel on targets, but i don’t think conversations is the right way to go about this. Because these kind of features are designed for other kind og gameplay mechanics, like character personal development, allegiances, hidden benefits, classic RPG world building.

To me it seems like unnecessary filler for something Hitman already had. Like 47 talking to the hotel manager in ‘Tradition of the Trade’ and learning that his “friend” Mister Wolf is staying in room 202 or talking to the Bartender in ‘You Better Watch Out’ gives you intel that you use to isolate Chad Bingham, Jr. To me adding more optional dialog parts seems like a waste. Then i rather want more NPC to interact with then a more fleshed out Conversation system.

Okay name some of those games. Because i don’t know any of them, but if it’s an RPG like Deus Ex, Witcher, Mass Effect, SW Kotor…then all these it’s part of the character development and world building.

Personally i don’t like these mechanics in Action Adventure/Stealth games, because there are very few RPGs that i like. I’m not a fan of Role Playing games.



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Completely forgot that the sabers were even on this map. Only remembered about them now because of all the preparatory stuff I did for my Sapienza piece.


And you can’t seem to grasp that choice of dialogue can be implemented in other ways than the ones you keep mentioning. Like, for example, the way I mentioned from the very start.

And I never suggested that IO should design it like that. Just because something similar exists in another type of game doesn’t mean it has to be exclusive to it.

Then you’re acknowledging that dialogue can be used for something other than character development? Great.




I’m very aware that there are other ways of them to be implemented, what i’m saying is that i don’t think they will fit into the series because of their core design, i find them to be an ill fitting feature.

Never said that it shouldn’t, but that i don’t think they fit into the series and i have listed my reason to why i believe this.

I acknowledge that Hitman franchise already have this system nailed down since Codename 47 and that expanding it with what i believe to unnecessary extra optional dialog, would be unnecessary. But as much as i enjoy this off topic debate, this is not the right thread for it.