The Hitman screenshot thread


Ken Morgan kissing his bodyguard. :smile:


I like how you are secretly looking at them throught the plants but try to not see it


The gore details are certainly amped up and i LOVE it! :smiley:


Oh the memories…


Want a staple of CICADA and Securité? xD


Love going on tank runs with the winter suit. Looks too cool for this game.


Just thought I’d share this screenshot I got on the final ET #26 “The Entertainer” I really like how it turned out!

I decided to go out with a “bang-bang” :wink:


Caught this in the stream yesterday
@Travis_IOI & @Torben need to work on their new nicknames

Tasteless Travis & Traceless Torben?


Eeer. It’s not Torbjorn, it’s Torben.


Oops, yeah, I tried the @ & the suggestion came up which I didn’t check. Thanks :wink:


Nope. His name is actually Torben Ellert. Torbjørn is another guy, he is the man behind Sapienza and Hokkaido.


Who is now the lead level designer of IOI :smile:


When HITMAN gets right the gore and the ragdoll physics, they are amazingly detailed and satisfying to look at:


WUT is wrong whit her eyezzz???

GOT the summer suit baby :heart:

LOOK at the details of the sunglasses :scream: IO you lovely miracle workers, muahh!

Let the bodies hit the floorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I hope we have a location that looks like this level, Slaying a Dragon from Hitman Contracts, in season 2. I’d love a city location where you can see the skyscrapers in the background like in the third picture here, and hopefully even explore one, in addition to some smaller stores, apartments, and restaurants. A lot could be done there. I’d prefer a dark rainy night a lot like this too, since we didn’t get any rain in season 1. I’d love to see the puddles filled with the reds and blues and oranges of city lights, now that’s a location I’d visit a lot if Io made it happen. Even if these older games aren’t always the most graphically impressive today, the developers at Io really know how to create powerful feelings in their games’ worlds that last a lifetime. Wow…

General 47: Now, stand still, if I don’t do this right. it will hurt a little bit.
Hotel Agent Smith: And…what if you do it right?

General 47: Then it will hurt a lot.

Seizing my small window of opportunity…

That man on the pier doesn’t have any idea how near the end is, does he? But who does, really?

One day you’re enjoying the view life gives you, death always one step behind you but you never see it…

And the next day all hell breaks loose, your life turns upside down in the blink of an eye…

But the world keeps turning, with or without you…

Oh how the world keeps turning…

(P.S. On a less dramatic note, I love how you can just make out that knife’s serrated edge, in addition to its other features. With how much is going on in that map, that’s an incredible attention to detail. Great work Io!)


You can do so in Bangkok on the starting point as technician. The guys at IOI did tremendously well on the background ambience on season 1, so I am in full disagreement that this is a thing you say “you want back”.


Who said this? You say I said this, but I don’t know who you’re quoting because I didn’t say that at all. Also, nobody said Io didn’t do “tremendously well” with the “background ambience” in this new Hitman game. Hence why I was speaking in the present tense here:

That comment extends to the newer games as well. On the contrary, I’ve taken many screenshots from the new game, some I haven’t posted here, that can show I’m in agreement with you on that. I said I want to see a real “city location” inspired heavily from Slaying a Dragon’s depiction of Hong Kong, where you can actually explore multiple apartments, restaurants, and stores, instead of, you know, just one damn building, which is what you’re limited to in the beautiful Paris and Bangkok maps. Actually, I’m acknowledging the quality of their work, by saying that I want to visit the places, they painfully chose to leave as part of the background, in season 2. Why settle for seeing less of these maps, when you could always see more? For example, if there’s a map like Paris in season 2, I want to be able to explore the area outside the palace grounds too, or the mixed jungle and city surroundings of the Himmapan in Bangkok, or even the little town beneath the Gama facility that I wish I could glitch out of the map just to visit, simply because those locations are so well done and the background is so beautiful you can’t help but want to be there too. Anyway, that much could be surmised from my complete post which you didn’t read or, if you did, didn’t read well.


This screenshot reminded me of that “Mean Joe” Coca-Cola commercial
"Hey, 47… Catch! :joy:


You could make a video, reverse it and include it into the ad!


She looks like Lindsay Lohan!