The Hitman screenshot thread



I really like how this one turned out.


The lighting and contrast in this tunnel is gorgeous from the right angle. Makes me wish more had been done to make the P.I. method end in a more aesthetically pleasing way (maybe a cut scene fiber wiring (similar to the In Seine neck snap in Paris) for maximal effect?).


This man is indeed possesed by the Devil. I have seen it before. Somebody hurry and call the Pope.


Even in death Rose is so OCD that his blood avoided the floor and evenly distributed itself along the red carpet.


A perfect death for someone with a huge obsession with order.


Perfect blend-in skills!


“When you nut but she keeps on sucking” hueheuehue

K bye.


Not sure if the guy just doesn’t cares there’s a corpse in there or the cloths where the body fell give invisibility to whatever they touch.


He’s on his smoking break, he doesn’t have time to deal with dead tourists.


After that I lured other 2 NPCs (including a soldier) and neither reacted.


Behold! The Secrets of the Alpha!

So after months of digging i found these, and it shows 47s face, human shield, point shooting with regenerating point shooting instinct, only able to mark up-to 3 targets and the suitcase, well if you spawn it, it just sends 47 to a lunar misson. So, also got some very cool never seen before ‘Paris from the outside’ shots, enjoy :wink:



That looks a whole lot better than what was released :(:sleepy:


I dont think so, but it looks interesting nevertheless!


How can low rendered character model, low detailed surfaces, odd body postures and clunky U.I look better? Other then some cool features that are missing in the final product like Human Shield, Briefcase and point shooting, it’s an improvement. Then only thing other then the mentioned features i would have liked is the the mini map showing tress passing zones in red.


47 looks like a alcoholic.


What ?? :rofl:




Alpha 47 looks like Bruce Willis got robbed by a monkey lel


One thing I like in the alpha is the gas flasks


I was just talking about the graphics and colours in Paris, nothing more :smiley: @Urben @Danger_dog_guy_7 @Hardware You all are right :smile:


I thought so, still find current Paris a pure eyecandy compared to the alpha :smiley: