The Hitman screenshot thread


Yeah,I prefer sunny Paris too but current version of HITMAN is graphics wise better than alpha




There’s always that one person that says this line, even if it’s completely false.


pah, peasants preferring a day Paris instead of a midnight one



I was just talking about the atmosphere and the whether. I know Paris is a beautiful map and the Showstopper is one of the best missions in the history of Hitman :slight_smile:


Remember being able to do this fairly easily when the mission was new. But now that targets ask nearby guards to fetch even mundane stuff like coins and the cellphone I had to clear out a couple of guards in preparation. Still pretty satisfying “original” kill.


IO’s attention to detail is just :kiss:

I never noticed but if you change disguise with a guard with his suit buttoned up, 47 will be wearing the exact same disguise, might sound strange but i thought that the default bodyguard disguise was a suit with open buttons

andd just in time, the guest of honor arrived.

I do wish that blood money styled after mission newspaper update comes back, i love the tiny details in this game :smiley:


I like that to, some variations look better. I like the paper crew disguise with the white egypt-like headwear.
Sadly some variations dont work with 47, like the guard in Paris’ basement with the headset.


Sadly no, but its already wayyyy better than absolution, i remember, in the mission, where you have to rescue Victoria from the church, if 47 takes one of the thug’s disguise, he’ll never wear a mask, i mean wut???

If he wears a mask, he can walk around more freely. Also, another BIG mess was in the mission where we have to kill Layla, her personal guards were in SWAT uniforms, masks, goggles and guards still spot you lel

I’m just dying for season 2 announcement :cry: I just occasionally come back to play the game and most of the time its either Sapienza or Hokkaido cuz i love going John Wick with one decent gameplay soundtrack that is ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ :smiley:


Contracts’ Asylum Aftermath does let you do that with a SWAT balaclava, but enemies still see through your disguise.

I’m pretty sure it was done (both the ways in Contracts and Absolution) just as balance, no matter how stupid it is, so the player doesn’t get the OP disguise and can walk wherever they want, taking difficulty out of the game, even if artificial.

I do agree with you, though.


I sometimes dont understand how explosive vehicles are triggered…


You can use 2 breaching charges without an oil leak. And if you have an oil leak, tossing the big one will also ignite it.:grin:

I’m not sure what you’re showing here, though. Location of oil tank and how many shots it took you?


I wanted to make that thing explode from the pier. Apparently from that distance shooting it that often into the tank does not result into an explosion that well. I suspect the tank of a lower-poly-model has a worse hitbox. If I only make two shots into that part that close like in the screenshot, it explodes 100%.


You have to shoot the oil to ignite it. I’m guessing that when you shout it twice, you actually shooting it where the oil is dropping to blow it up. Try shooting it 1 time and let all the oil out. When it’s done leaking, shoot the tank again. Make sure you don’t shoot too low to accidentally shoot the oil again.

Shooting the oil is there only way I’ve blown up vehicles.


Huh thats new to me, gonna test that.

EDIT: No, shooting the tank a second time after all flew out still triggers an explosion when being relatively close to it.


Ya that’s fucked then. I did the same on a car. But it wasn’t instant. I took a few shots. Shooting the oil always blows it up on one shot, though. I’m just as stumped as you. Maybe the bullet hits a little bit of oil remaining?

I’m gonna try to keep my shitnas horizontal as possible to first make the oil leak. Then let my game sit for 5 minutes and shoot the same spot again. Im very curious now.


Wait between the shots, It seems that the explosion is delayed by a second or two after hitting the tank again.


I couldn’t care less what you have to say…wtf did I just say? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Funny kill

I opened a room to discover this

Possessed by the devil? Call an exorcist!



Playing around with Dr. Lafayette, after a shit ton of waiting I realized there’s still some kind of proximity trigger that makes it so that Lafayette will only leave for the villa if you’re not near him. I had thought this originally, but someone insisted it wasn’t so…

Either way, I made this series of shots to vent my frustration with this BS.

I call it "Waiting For Lafayette" : (all from one playthrough, no bullshitting)