The Hitman screenshot thread


A few more for Lafayette. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


Oh ya, and I also did a ghost run based on his long wait time. Turned out pretty cool.


I believe the wait time is something like 15-20 mins after the initial proximity trigger. I clocked it to 17 mins once, but seeing as how it seems that he will do infinite cycles if you stay near him I don’t know how precise that time is.


It’s about 18 for me and arrived around 21mins into the Caruso’s room. But you can speed it up by emetic poisoning his drink. After he pukes, he goes directly to the villa.


Nailed the damn enforcer into the glass wall with a Shuriken. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More like stalking lafayette :joy:


0 fucks given



Added some more text


Not sure if he’s confirming the kill or just deliberately trying to piss her off…




Remembers me of a video I made featuring him getting fried my electricity:


LOL: Says something about the experience of waiting for Lafayette I suppose. :smiley:


Thanks to @MrOchoa :slight_smile:


again, no Problem man, glad i could do you a favor :slight_smile:


That second photo is so creepy,how can someone not love his face in HITMAN


The face I made when I saw that there’s gonna be a new hitman game in 2015


I am sure I am the only one who hadn’t discovered this before today. It sort of shocked me to find a good kill I didn’t know was possible after this long a time.

Didn’t show up as an accident though. What subtlety of the mechanics have I missed/forgot about?

Also, who the fuck is this dude?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in the ruins before. Is this part of his normal cycle, or is it triggered somehow?


@Kent I didn’t see booth myself until now, this game is awesome.

Me running around in Paris for hours.


Both on the same playthrough. It sort of struck me that I’d never tried to hurry back to the mansion after waking up the PI, to see what path Francesca takes… :slight_smile:


OK. Now I just feel stupid for not thinking of this earlier.

Finally an accident-snipe for Francesca that doesn’t feel stupid (you can snipe the electrical connection for an electrocution kill, but you still have to go all the way up to turn on the water,so it feels entirely pointless)

This literally requires no entry into the mansion grounds. :slight_smile: