The Hitman screenshot thread


So I went afk for a couple minutes to come back to this:

Viktor and his Stylist where in line for a touch up and the lady on the right seemed to be interested too.


hmm, what do you think of this as a game cover?


Looks more like a serial killer than a professional assassin to me


i’d say its the exact opposite of the blood money cover that we’ve got, but it sure does look like a quentin tarantino movie cover lel


In that Absolution mission, 47 can retrieve a disguise + mask. However the AI still can recognise you.


The real flying fire extinguisher


Would you be so kind to get me some nice close up shots of the briefcase please?


Sure, man :smile:






ah… not these one. The one from the alpha :smiley:


Oh, alright :wink:



Source :



This was taken by Flickr user Sorter. All achieved in game (with help of Reshade and camera tool).
Here’s an album of his/her shots in HITMAN:
And a few examples: (Nice stuff!)



After so many months, I can’t believe it’s true.:hugs::star_struck:
Tomorrow : Colorado Katana Massacre.


An ex of mine had the same identical smile. I like it


Plot twist: your ex was actually 47 in disguise.


I’m not even man. That will be great


Me grinding last night