The Hitman screenshot thread


Since Silverballer was calling my thread for cinematic images useless, I’ll just use this thread instead because silverballer wanted me too instead of creating a thread that actually had potential.


You should try taking screenshots in Sapienza or Marrekesh.


I can do Sapienza, but not marrakesh. My computer is too crap to even run it.


We definitely need a free camera mode on consoles. I’d really want to create some machinimas. :frowning:

Nice shots, too!


Thanks. Took me a long time to get these. Had to make sure they were perfect. Also, considering a fan made the tool for PC, I don’t think we’ll be getting one anytime soon. Who knows though? IOI has become independent.


Oh how I wish we had a fully integrated camera mode. Also, holy crap what resolution are you playing at?


Very low. My computer is crap. Dog crap if I had to be honest.


thx for the shoutout bb xx

Seriously though, nice shots.


Np, xoxo

Thanks. Took me a lot of time to get these. My patience was severely depleted.


@Markie Here’s the sapienza shots. I didn’t have as much fun as I did with the bangkok images. So sorry if they aren’t appealing as the last one.

I also caught this screenshot. I thought it was cool because it looked like I had a gun out as if I was playing Blood Money.




I’ve waited so long…


Sorry but cinematic or not, they are still images. It will just confuse ppl and having 2 threads just for pics is kinda pointless. Your pics are better served here with everyone.


His hands are so huge in the screenshot where he stabs the woman. (47’s)




I’ll start working on the Hokkaido shots today in the afternoon. They’ll be ready by tomorrow. The Paris shots should be ready by Thursday. These are both rough estimates, but I think I can do it in those time frames.


47’s like "Sheeeit, where did i put my silverballers :open_mouth: " lel


Okay maybe the Hokkaido shots will be ready by Friday. Idk, I’m really busy.


Hitman: FPS - Coming January 3017


I also had a video showcasing me holstering my Krugermeier and Assault Rifle over and over, giving the effect that I was aiming in.


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