The Hitman screenshot thread



Is that Soders? How did you get him to the spa???


Hokkaido “Shadow Sniper”

Colorado “The Face Off”

Marrakesh Night “Dukkish Mission”


No, that’s one of PS4’s exclusive targets.


I started working on the Hokkaido shots… but then I got lazy and stopped taking them and went on with my day. I remembered later on I needed to do them, but I thought that Colorado was going to be a boring experience later on that I wouldn’t want to do, so I did them then. Here they are!


Also, why we are at the screenshots, lets take a look at some haxs and memes.







I was sorting through a stack of shots today; thought I’d share a few in themed bundles, so here’s some Katana/Masamune kills:



:laughing: - plus a few more blades:



That last pic tho !



What the fuck.


Flashbacks weakens you. Especially when you’re holding a heavy bat :slight_smile:


It’s like a reverse british grip. You know how they hold teacups with just four fingers and their pinky is always away, looking stylish as fuck. This the exact opposite. The whole bat rests on a pinky. Bad. Ass.


Give me a catch!
I found the unsilenced baller!


Sapienza bits and pieces:


Look who I manage to kill in Lee Hong Assassination. I some how catch up to him and saw this opportunity


John Stubbs chillin’ in Bangkok with his wife



How do you capture these screenshots, and on which platform? I would guess its on pc with a special modification?