The Hitman series post the Providence trilogy

So for a long time I been thinking about Hitmans future post the Providence Trilogy (the current storyline), where I think the franchise should go and what It should execute. Things I want added and things I think I should let go off.

With H16 and H2 IO brought the franchise back loser to the model that many think IO perfected with Blood Money. A more open approach then the more linear Absolution, however not forgetting the things Absolution got right.

Even though I love the current two games and their approach to the world and characters, there is still something I find lacking, something essential. Like a Big Mac without the Big Mac Sauce. In this regard the Big Mac Sauce is the music.

With Absolution IO tried something new, instead of a more traditional soundtrack, they chose a dynamic soundtrack. A soundtrack tailored to your actions. This idea carried over to the current version of the games, but in my eyes or rather ears. Something is missing, something that use to a pillar within the series pre Absolution. A real soundtrack.

Jesper Kyd brought us of the most memorable videogame music, not just with Hitman but with other big franchises like Assassin’s Creed. With each Hitman game he scored, he tried something different, sometimes playing with genres. The current soundtracks I don’t consider memorable, the most memorable piece of ingame music I can recall from Hitman post BM is the Inception horns from Absolution and that doesn’t say much.

Hitman: The Composer Strikes Back

It doesn’t have to be Jesper Kyd, even if he is my preferred choice. But With the H16 and Legacy trailer IO proved they where able to still create memorable music that fits the series and I’m left wondering if the Dynmaic soundtrack got more pros then cons.

I have come to a point while playing the games, where I turn the ingames music off and plays past Hitman soundtracks in the background. I have come to the conclusion that it enhances and enriches my experience, something the current soundtrack havn’t been able to do.

In my eyes IO have forgotten how important a prober soundtrack is, I can only applaud them for trying the dynamic soundtrack, it’s an interesting idea. However the current soundtracks havn’t really created a lot of buzz inside or outside the community and that is a shame, because it use to be something that got a lot of attention in the past.

Rubber Allergy

I have developed a digital rubber allergy in the last few years, this might just be my nitpick. But I’m extremely tired of the fucking rubber ducks that seems to have come with a tsunamie and washed over 47 arsenal.

With the current presence of Rubber Ducks I’m left wondering if 47 have developed a fetish for the small ducks and why we have yet to see a Rubber Duck tie? I understand why they are there, it’s a bit of dark humor. Turning something innocent into something sinister. However it seems to me that IO have forgotten the rubber ducks role and overplayed their part.

The Rubber Duck was first introduced with Codename 47. It was actually a fetch quest in the second last level. A trade for information to gain access to the lower levels of Ort-meyers Asylum front. Onward the ducks showed both ingame and in marketing campaigns


Back then it wasn’t 47 who loved the little duck and left them all over the place like a signature sign. It was a little dark humor in a ridiculous dark world centered around killing for money. However right now 47 got countless of rubber ducks in his arsenal. It’s now more or less become more of a signature weapon for 47 then the Sliverballers. That is certainly the impression i’m left with since they are now so present in everything Hitman. All from Collectors edition items, to marketing. Hell even the Hitman Critical Collection LP got a rubber duck as it’s cover


It’s almost become an expression of 47’s dark humor and not the world around him. This is here where I ultimately think IO have misunderstod it’s role and overplayed their hand. It use to be a fun nod towards the past, but now it developed into something different.

I hope that going forward from the Providence Trilogy, that their role and presence becomes a lot more downplayed.

Old man 47

47 is 55 years old in the current storyline, I kinda want to see a more old man 47. I don’t think it robs 47 character of anything as portraying him at his current age, it would even add to the character. Absolution did this, he looked more grizzled. His body showed sign of trauma, his body reflected his job. He looked like a experienced man, a man who learned from his mistakes. 47 looks a lot better in H2 then he did at the start of H16. But I still think putting him closer to his actually age would enrich the character.


This is just on the top of my mind, something that have been bording me for the last few years. Things I hope IO adresses in future titles when they are done with this current storyline.

I’m a bit on the fence if they should go under General discussion or wish list, it can serve as both.


Personally, I’d like them to explore the two seven-year dark periods that took place between Blood Money and Absolution, and between Absolution and H16. That’s a total gap of fourteen years where 47 and Diana got up to who-knows-what, and I would like to explore those times. Then, they could cap off the series with an Old Man 47 storyline where he and Diana decide to retire, but go for one last laundry list of high-level contracts And go out by making their last days with the Agency legendary.


With the whole old 47 thing I wouldnt mind if IOI also exsplored that version of 47, kinder like how the original concept of 47 was:

BUT I really love seen 47 young and at the peak of his career so for now im really happy :smiley:

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So, 47 started life at the offices of IOI as Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth? I don’t know if that makes 47 seem cooler, or Alfred seem cooler.


If any Hitman fan manage to travels back in time to sneak their way inside IOI’ s studio back i 1999, 47 would be ready:

Fun fact some versions of Alfred had him as an MI6 agent or was that SAS? Either way Alfred is hardcore.


I think that was Michael Caine saying that in their internal backstory he always thought of Alfred as having fought in WW2 or something…

Also interesting that 47 might have looked similar to the Constant.

It was that way in the comics as well.

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The difference caused by removing that hairstyle and replacing it with a barcode is profound.

One can imagine 47 would almost be certainly written as just a super-trained person rather than a manufactured clone.

That would mean almost for sure that 47’s past would involve something to do with the intelligence or counterterror services.

Lucas Grey would be a totally different person.

On the future… I think anything is possible. I just hope whatever they write next is in service of new gameplay. For example, the introduction of a Black Market and in-game currency due to 47 becoming an independent contractor after the Providence Trilogy or something.


These things all together bugs me a lot too. But talking about past games with IO, I doubt there is anyone left before Absolution. This is a new approach from a different personnel making their “right” version of Hitman.

But I put my heart in peace and play it anyway. The new staff are great architects nothing to say about that and they deliver really good missions but somehow they lack that fantasy and intelligence to make better firearms and better unlocks.
I still live in the past and play a lot more often the other Hitman games. I deleted season 1 and play those maps on Hitman 2 because I can’t stand the s1 young model.
H2 fit’s about right and I enjoy looking at him.

I hope after Hitman 3 some old staffs comes back and take matter in their hands giving back that dark gritty world.
Any way, making posts with what is wrong about the game and what it should be doesn’t matter much for them because honestly, do they even give a shit? I asked and asked to put back a pistol they have there stored and they didn’t even bother to reply back of why they removed it. Not to mention the logo.
But then a fan came along asking to put the number 47 on a weight scale and TA DA! Fucking assholes :rofl:


I agree that I would be happy to see more military and real life spy weaponry in H3 than some ofthe zany things like Muffins and fish.

Those were great. But a change in pace to the cutting edge of modern clandestine killcraft would be welcome.


I always figured that all the drugs and such 47 was put on probably extended his youth. That was my impression at first.


Related to @badeaguard 's suggestion for example is the 2-part Binary Poison used in the Kim Jong Un Assassination - already suggested on this forum and controversial not only because it’s a real assassin weapon, but also because of how powerful it could be in HITMAN.

There is also a keycard door cloning and reprorgramming gadget Mossad used in an operation in Dubai to take over control of keycard locked doors to not only respond to cards Mossad made but to potentially lock in a Target by disabling their keycard and door mechanism.

Hacking the keycard door to clone a keycard for it or to lock a Target in or out should be Suspicious and take longer than picking a lock. In real life Mossad relied on lookouts to avoid getting caught.

Research can really help avoid the trap of IOI just resorting to more outlandish items.


This sort of thing gets me going! I love it! :grin:

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There are a lot of things I want IO to continue with, like gameplay, level design, story elements, well developed characters. I can see how one could see my opening post as more of a complaint, it wasn’t what I set out to do, sure they idea started with me actually wanting to create a thread where I bashed the shit out of rubber ducks.

Then I saw a video review of past Hitman soundtracks and it made me realise how much I actually miss Jesper Kyd.

But to me the idea of Old Man 47 is extremely interesting, maybe even doing a Old Man 47 game as a final goodbye to the character (when the time is right). A 47 past his prime, a retired 47. But still a dangerous man who will give the never guy a run for his money. All his years of expertise, skills and experience would still make him a force to be reckoned with.

Hitman: Old Man 47

47 is past his prime, living out the rest of his life in the isolated in the Austrian alps. Long put the life of Contract killing and the Agency behind him.

47 peaceful life is soon interrupted when an old threat emerges, the Franchise is back. A string of perfect hits on pops up on former I.C.A personal, among them is Diana. A powerful new copycat Hitman calling him self Agent 47, is the deadly weapon of the Franchise. Soon the I.C.A will need 47 help one last time. blah blah then it turns out that the copycat is a recreated Ort-Meyer clone that the Franchise created to fill out the void 47 left.

Not really saying I want this game, but I led myself inspire a bit of the Bourne Supremacy book. However Old man characters have always been interesting and populare…all from old man Logan to Old man Luke, there is something for filling in seeing a character you love still kick ass past their prime.


I don’t think 47 would EVER live a peaceful life. He is what he is not because someone is making him do it but because it gives him meaning.

I don’t actually agree, I do think even 47 at one point wants to step back and live out his life in peace. Sure contract killing gives him meaning, but he tried to step back before. But what ultimately got him back into taking contracts again, was him not being able to shake off the past.

People change with time and so do their goals. I do believe 47 would like to retire at one point and then go far out into the wilderness and live off the land.

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This is precisely why 47 was able to beat the 48’s, despite the fact that they were physically and mentally superior to him in every way. His way of thinking, emotionally-detached professionalism, and experience makes him more dangerous than any of his physical enhancements do. He’s like Jessica Jones and only uses his unnatural gifts when it’s necessary to get the job done quicker or more efficiently, and lets his brain and learned skills do the bulk of his work. You put 95-year-old 47 up against some Jason Bourne/John Wick/Black Mamba type, I’m still putting my money on 47 every time. He doesn’t need a world class body to be the best; just the mind and instincts of a perfect killer, and he’s got both.

I think this only holds true if 47 actually has a preference in how he dies. If he would prefer to go out doing what he does, being who he is, so long as he takes out his final target, he might not mind dying in a firefight afterward. Go out with honor and valor, all that “soldier’s death” stuff.

Now, if 47 wanted to die with the world still not knowing if he was actually real, and maintaining his perfect record, or if he just didn’t want his last actions in life to be about what Ort-Meyer made him and him deciding what he is at the end, then in those cases I can see him choosing retirement and dying in peace rather than choosing to die as he lived. It really all depends on whether he holds value to the idea of both living and dying by the sword.

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Oh yeah I had a fantastic (that should be read as insane and hastily formulated) idea for a Hitman game. Maybe if anyone still reading this is interested I would give a rundown of what I had. I have some interesting ideas floating around.

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