The Hitman Spooky, Strange, Creepy Side Mega Thread


AHA, FINALLY SOMETHING THAT HASNT BEEN DONE! A thread that revolves around the creepy side of the Hitman series. This is the thread in which we discuss the strange spooky side of our beloved series. One might ask about the story of the ghost in the Traditions of the Trade. Or the Kraken living beneath the water in Sapienza. This thread we can theorize 47’s inner mind since it was dark, rainy, and gloomy all throughout Contracts except for the final level and another thing we could talk about… Is Orson/Sean 2 just Sean Rose wearing a mask!!! This is the part in which you play the dramatic music, but I’m sure you get the point of this thread.


We need more targets in plaid, like that guy in the mask.

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oh yes plaid + mask = mega spook


I really like the Kraken. Since there is no conversation about anything interesting yet, and the Kraken got mentioned, i am going to take this opportunity to tell you about why i love that Easter Egg so much. So, in 2016 i was completely oblivious to everything and in the start of 2016 is when i started to take interest in what actually is going on in the world. Now, first time i saw Agent 47 was in my Grandparent’s place, a trailer in Tv of the movie. The guy in the trailer got stuck to my memory. Next time i encounter Hitman, its the same movie trailer, a few years later, and at that point i started to wonder who the guy is. I ask my Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and Uncle about it, none of them have any idea about it. Then in 2016, YouTube recommends me a video. A guy in a requiem suit, with a sniper rifle, shooting the bells on a boat and making the kraken appear. I then recognize that thats the guy from the trailers some years ago, and thus find out about the Hitman Franchise. I soon forget the name because i dont understand english enough, and try to search from google “Bald man in white clothes shoots boat, kraken destroys boat, video game”, with no results related to Hitman. Around a year ago, i get the Hitman Spring Pack for free, having gotten my first good Pc only half a year earlier. I knew that it was a game from the Hitman franchise, but my brain supressed all of that, and i didnt realize it / aknoweledge it.Then, while trying to get all of the challenges done in Sapienza, i notice a challenge named “Release the Kraken”. I go “Holy Shit” in my mind, and at that moment, i take the Jaeger 7 Lancer, go to the same place where the guy in the requiem video shot from, look for a boat with bells, save, and start shooting the bells, and after like 10 minutes of shooting and loading saves, the Kraken appears out of the water. So, because the Kraken thing is my 3rd encounter with Hitman, thats why i love it so much. Again, not too spooky itself, but it relates to a spooky easter egg, i guess.

EDIT: Oh cool, i wrote another Novel. A cool way to spend 35 minutes


I like the ghostly vibes in some of the Hitman Contracts levels. Like the laughing noises around the rotting corpse in MKP and the weird childish laughing in the Beldingford Manor soundtrack.


Better be getting spooky map and easter eggs in October or ima throw a fish at Orson. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The Rotterdam levels in H:C47 always had a spooky vibe for me. Same goes for the Asylum level but that probably goes without saying.



it raises the question, did the Kraken move from Sapienza to Singapore? or are there multiple Kraken. my personal headcanon is that it was on vacation in Sapienza


From all the Things I’ve lost, i miss my Mind the most :cry:


Back in the old days, a friend told me that there was a sewer monster in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin’s ‘Terminal Hospitality’. There wasn’t but it kept me out of that area and I didn’t go down there willingly, I believed this for years.


One thing I think about is the cannibalistic undertones of Meat King’s Party

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the first time I’ve ever played “the Graveyard Shift” i got paranoid after placing the Dongle on the server because of Clera. i thought theres something Wrong, where is Diana - did the Agency set me up?!

some years later I’ve learned that they probably added clera because the mission is a bit confusing and dianas voice actress wasnt available anymore - but that is still one of my favorite moments of playing Hitman SA.


I got scared when I got shot by 17. Thought it was a really weird glitch or something lel


I had just stopped sliding near the stairs, because i didnt expect anyone down there. I was quite dissapointed at myself for the next few seconds.

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Helen West. It isn’t the first time we get and inside in a serial killer, disturbed character or someone amoral with their own agenda (Malcom Sturrock, the bomber in Slaying a Dragon from Contracts) but what hits em hard with her is the fact that she looks like a sweet granny, wich personally takes me to a whole other level of creepyness.

Also, the Liberation cult. If the campaing is canon and probably set after S1 events, then it’s creepy that there were huge chances that all of the events leading to H2 almost went extinct because of the risk of a global pandemic.


Id assume patient zero has the possibility of being canon


It is canon. Tho it fucks the canon up 150 ways


I personally like to think anything IO does such as ET and the Campaigns are canon, but thats my opinion.


The zombie Easter egg in Death on the Mississippi… :grimacing:

Never knew about that until I found a video on YouTube YEARS after the release of Blood Money. It’s fun to do from time to time.

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That is definitely one of my favs because of the rng behind the egg. Its possible for all targets to come up dead all at once.

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