The Hitman Spooky, Strange, Creepy Side Mega Thread


Helen West. It isn’t the first time we get and inside in a serial killer, disturbed character or someone amoral with their own agenda (Malcom Sturrock, the bomber in Slaying a Dragon from Contracts) but what hits em hard with her is the fact that she looks like a sweet granny, wich personally takes me to a whole other level of creepyness.

Also, the Liberation cult. If the campaing is canon and probably set after S1 events, then it’s creepy that there were huge chances that all of the events leading to H2 almost went extinct because of the risk of a global pandemic.


Id assume patient zero has the possibility of being canon


It is canon. Tho it fucks the canon up 150 ways


I personally like to think anything IO does such as ET and the Campaigns are canon, but thats my opinion.


The zombie Easter egg in Death on the Mississippi… :grimacing:

Never knew about that until I found a video on YouTube YEARS after the release of Blood Money. It’s fun to do from time to time.

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That is definitely one of my favs because of the rng behind the egg. Its possible for all targets to come up dead all at once.

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Another one I thought of was in Blood Money. Death of a Showman (two actually)

The first one is one of Scoops guys that set the Lawyer on fire. The dialogue leading up to it… just… wow. What a cold bastard!

The second one is when Scoop himself kills one of his own men and then after he dies, two other of Scoops men take turns shooting his corpse. Idk… that was always very disturbing to me. So very sadistic :anguished: like damn. He’s already dead, leave him alone…

@SwingSwang cool thread by the way!


Never saw this! So if you just kill Scoop and not his guards, his guards will shoot his corpse? Any specific requirements to make that happen?

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If it’s another bullshit post for attention I flag the post, just fyi.

I’ve seen you doing it before @Piano_Man! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not sure if you just kill Scoop

BUT (there is no specific requirement to make this happen) his guards will eventually follow in shooting the corpse. Just be patient while their talking and it will happen. See for yourself. Replay the level :slightly_smiling_face:

I assure you @Danger_dog_guy_7 it’s NOT bullshit. And what BS post are you referring to that I did in the past? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nolan Cassidy crying on gunpoint he recognises 47 as Daniel Morris’ killer

You remember now? :joy:



Come on, that was pretty funny lol

But seriously, this time I swear I’m telling the truth, that really does happen see for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:


Image result for seems legit fry

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I’m trying to find a video on YouTube but all the idiots keep detonating the bomb while Scoop talks lol I’ll find one hang on guys…


God damn, FINALLY!!
Found one

(SKIP TO 21:40)
@TheBrighterSkies @Franz @Danger_dog_guy_7


damn, you were legit! I own blood money, so i’m gonna go try this right now

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Hey, what did I tell you!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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No problem doing the forum a service

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