The IAGO Dossier



"Five years of work. Everything we’ve collected. This thing makes WikiLeaks look like a gossip rag."

Main Missions
● The Showstopper

Good evening, 47. Your destination is the Paris fashion show by Sanguine, one of Europe’s leading couture brands.

Your targets are Sanguine owner Viktor Novikov, a former oligarch turned fashion mogul, and his partner Dalia Margolis, a retired supermodel. An iconic power couple on the global fashion scene, and two of the most dangerous people in the world. Novikov and Margolis are in fact the ringleaders of IAGO, an enigmatic spy ring that deals in the global elite’s most valuable secrets.

Unscrupulous and opportunistic, IAGO has caused disastrous security leaks all over the globe. When Crimean separatists caused a deadly meltdown at the Odessa nuclear power plant, IAGO gave them access to the plant’s security network. And when the Delgado drug cartel shot down the plane of President Hernandez and his family, IAGO provided the classified flight plans.

Now Novikov and Margolis have obtained a NOC list of British undercover agents, which they plan to sell at a secret IAGO auction during the Sanguine show. So, our client, MI6, needs us to stop the ringleaders before the NOC list ends up in the wrong hands. The Sanguine show will be swarming with security, and Viktor Novikov will be the focus of everyone’s attention. But despite his posturing, he is merely the moneyman. The real target is Dalia Margolis, beautiful and brilliant. She is a master manipulator and the true brains behind IAGO.

Two targets. A highly public event. At first glance, an impossible task. Then again, i do know how you love a challenge. I will leave you to prepare.


Viktor Novikov

  • Died at Sanguine fashion show in Paris, France (2019)
  • Previously a boxer, lightweight category.
  • Was investigated by FSB for fraud and kidnapping, among other charges.
  • Personal bodyguard is Kurt Donovan


Dalia Margolis

  • Died at Sanguine fashion show in Paris, France (2019)
  • Retired supermodel
  • Father was Israeli army general, did not approve of her work (fashion)
  • Featured in fashion book, RUNWAY

● World of Tomorrow

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the coastal town of Sapienza, also known as “the Jewel of the Amalfi Coast.”

Your target is a former client of ours, Silvio Caruso, a brilliant but troubled bio-engineer employed by the Ether Biotech Corporation. Renowned for his early stem-cell research, Caruso is now reportedly working on a far more disturbing project, a DNA-specific virus able to infect anyone, anywhere in the world. Imagine a bullet fired in any direction, passing through countless bodies without inflecting harm, invisible and undetectable, until it strikes it’s target. A world of armchair assassins killing with impunity. This is what awaits us unless Caruso is stopped.

Our client, one of Ether’s major private stockholders, wants the project cancelled on ethical grounds, but without destroying the company in the process. She has asked us to eliminate Silvio Caruso and destroy the yet unfinished virus prototype. You will also need to deal with Caruso’s lab head, Francesca De Santis, a high-level Ether employee and cutthroat corporate climber who holds intimate knowledge of Caruso’s research and could potentially carry on in his place.

This is no ordinary contract, 47. Caruso’s virus is a serious threat to our craft and trade, not to mention our core ideals, so failure is not an option. I will leave you to prepare.


Silvio Caruso

  • Died in Sapienza, Italy (2019)
  • 41 years old
  • Bio engineer
  • Killed mother
  • Former ICA client
  • Socially awkward
  • Has gynophobia
  • Was killed on the two year anniversary of mother’s death
  • Father was writer and political essayist
  • Had two older brothers who ran away


Francesca De Santis

  • Died in Sapienza, Italy (2019)
  • Ether lab head
  • In relationship with Caruso’s golf coach, Roberto Vargas

● The Icon

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Italian coastal town of Sapienza, where our client, L’Avventura Pictures, is shooting a superhero-epic based on the cult graphic novel The Icon.

Your target is Dino Bosco, the film’s director and leading man. A washed-up character actor, Bosco sees The Icon as his big comeback. Unfortunately, his rampart perfectionism and complete disregard for the budget has left L’Avventura on the verge of bankruptcy. Still, he doggedly refuses to wrap the production.

L’Avventura can not fire Bosco without violating their contract. That is why they have asked us to retire him before the whole studio goes belly-up. I will leave you to prepare.


Dino Bosco

  • Died at ‘The Icon’ film set in Sapienza, Italy (2018)

● Landslide

Good evening, 47. Your destination is Sapienza, Italy.

Your target is Marco Abiatti, a wealthy businessman returning to his home town to run for mayor. A snake-tongued right-wing populist with mafia ties and money to burn, Abiatti is already comfortably ahead in the polls. However, beneath his silk suits, Abiatti is a callous thug, and organised crime is certain to follow in his wake.

Our client, the renowned bioengineer Silvio Caruso, sees Abiatti as a threat, not just to his ancestral town, but the entire country, and he has asked us to dispose of this would-be patrician. I will leave you to prepare.


● A Gilded Cage

Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is Marrakesh, Morocco, where civil riots are looming. Your targets are private banker Claus Strandberg and Army General Reza Zaydan, two of the conspirators in a sinister plot to overthrow Morocco’s fragile government.

Strandberg, a former bank CEO who stole billions of dollars’ worth of savings from the Moroccan people, was facing trial for investment fraud. But early this morning, a band of heavily armed mercenaries freed Strandberg from his prison transport, resulting in the death of several police officers. Strandberg now takes refuge at his native Swedish Consulate, in front of which crowds of angry protesters have gathered, demanding his handover to Moroccan authorities.

We believe General Zaydan orchestrated Strandberg’s escape to infuriate the public and spark nation wide riots allowing Zaydan to impose martial law. Operating out of a field HQ at a near by abandoned school, he will no doubt use the riots to depict Rabat government as weak and inept and persuade the General Staff to support a fully-fledged military coup in the name of “national security.”

Our client, building contractor Hamilton-Lowe, who stands to lose a fortune in government contracts, has hired us to prevent the coup d’etat. To do so, you need to paralyze Zaydan’s rebel forces and prevent the riots from escalating further, hence the double contract. This is quite the political powder keg, 47, so be careful. The fate of a nation is at stake. I will leave you to prepare.


Claus Hugo Strandberg

  • Died in Marrakesh, Morocco (2019)
  • Full name is Claus Hugo Strandberg
  • Stole seven-figure inheritance from stepdaughter after ex-wife died of cancer


General Reza Zaydan

  • Died in Marrakesh, Morocco (2019)

● A House Built on Sand


Matthieu Mendola

  • Died in Marrakesh, Morocco (2018)


Kong Tuo-Kwang

  • Died in Marrakesh, Morocco (2018)

● Club 27

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Himmapan luxury hotel resort on the Chao Phraya River, just outside Bangkok. Your main target is Jordan Cross, the lead singer of The Class; a renowned indie rock outfit recording their highly anticipated sophomore album.

But this millennial poster boy harbors a dark secret. One year ago, promising young actress, Hannah Highmoore, fell to her death from Cross’ penthouse lift in Dumbo, New York. According to the police, Ms. Highmoore’s death was a tragic accident but her parents remain unconvinced. They firmly believe Cross murdered Hannah, and only escaped justice due to the power and influence of his father; billionaire media mogul Thomas Cross.

A secondary target, Ken Morgan, corporate fixer and attorney to the Cross family, is also staying at the hotel. Cunning and unscrupulous, Morgan was a key agent in the cover-up of Hannah Highmoore’s murder, and Jordan Cross’ subsequent acquittal.

The Highmoores understandably want retribution. And while the system may be powerless, ICA is anything but. I will leave you to prepare.


Jordan Cross

Nationality: UNKNOWN (presumably American)

Occupation: Lead singer of The Class

Died: Bangkok, Thailand - 2019

Known Family:
Thomas Cross (estranged father; deceased)
Hannah Highmoore (former girlfriend; deceased)

Known Affiliations:
The Class (band)
Dexy Barat (manager)
Ken Morgan (family lawyer)
Dr. Oscar Lafayette (therapist)

Known Victims:
Hannah Highmoore
Ken Morgan (potentially)

Target Intel:

Celebrated recording artist Jordan Cross is the lead singer and bass player for acclaimed New York based indie rock outfit The Class.

The only son of Thomas Cross - one of the world’s wealthiest executives - Jordan Cross’ childhood was anything but ordinary. Pampered but detached, he grew up behind iron gates. According to his psychologist, Doctor Oscar Lafayette, Cross is a classic case of “affluenza”.

Cross craves approval, yet stubbornly refuses to let others guide him or tell him what to do. Everything he does is about emancipation from his cold and manipulative patriarch father - about building an empire of his own. Not surprisingly, some of his main lyrical themes are about captivity and rebellion - lashing out against the establishment and the upper class. His friends like to joke that Jordan is “like Bruce Wayne, only he wishes his dad had been shot”.

Pursuing an artistic career, Cross studied music at the prestigious St. Claremont’s School in London and later founded his band The Class in New York; a critically renowned alternative rock band with a huge cross-over main stream potential. For a while it seemed like he would succeed in stepping out of Thomas Cross’ shadow.

However, one fateful night, Cross’ girlfriend Hannah Highmoore fell to her death during a row. According to the authorities, Miss Highmoore’s death was a tragic accident. Her parents however, our clients, believe it was murder. Most likely the incident was a crime of passion and Jordan Cross would not - could not - allow a momentary mistake to ruin his life and everything he had accomplished. So he turned to the man he despised most. His father.

Accident or not, Thomas Cross saw an opportunity to reconnect with his estranged son. He utilized his political influence to put pressure on the NYPD and used his media empire and army of lawyers to spin the incident in his son’s favor. When the dust settled, the public saw Hannah Highmoore as an out-of-control party girl and Cross as the grieving boyfriend - which ironically helped propel The Class into the mainstream.

Jordan Cross is highly talented and he knows it well. He is cool and confident, but easily turns to arrogance and can be nasty, high-strung and controlling. He is no doubt a great artist, but dangerously entitled and believes himself to be the center of the universe. Hannah Highmoore’s death may have been a crime of passion, but the way Cross used his family’s wealth and power to escape punishment was cool and calculated. Jordan Cross thinks the rules do not apply to him. We will prove him wrong.

Transcript of Cross and Highmoore’s final conversation:

Cross: You always put words in my mouth and always stumbling right behind me when I’m trying to talk! I never said that! Never, Hannah! Selective hearing, that’s your problem!

Highmoore: You arsehole! I’m not some googly-eyed groupie, Jordan. I have a “glamorous, globetrotting career” just like you! But that doesn’t mean I hump every goddamn underwear model I meet at an airplane toilet like a goddamn textbook cliche! Why? Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t do that, Jordan! Not to me! Not to me!

Cross: Don’t… tell me what to do, Hannah!

Highmoore: Oh, right. Yes, that would be your father’s domain.

Cross: Shut up! SHUT UP!

Highmoore: Hey. What are you doing? S-stop, sto-stop! [screams]

Cross: Han? Oh my God. Hannah! Jesus… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to… Oh shit! What the hell did you make me do? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Just, make it go away. Just make it go away. Okay. [dials number] Pick up, pick up, Dexy, please, pick up, pick up… Dexy! I-I, uh… Something happened. At the loft. I… I need your help. I need your help!


Ken Morgan

● Freedom Fighters

Good morning, 47. We have a lead on the shadow client.

ICA white hats have traced the anonymous data recieved by our clients to one Olivia Hall, brilliant young hacktivist and suspect in a dozen cases of cyber vandalism. Using onion routing with state-of-the-art encryption, Hall went to a lot of trouble to stay untraceable. She is good, but we are better.

Her digital trail has led us to a remote farm in Colorado, where satellite footage has revealed what appears to be the training camp for a private militia led by an already registered target Sean Rose, Australian environmental terrorist and explosives expert, wanted for a series of public bombings. Rose was spotted near the scene of Thomas Cross’ kidnapping, which makes him our prime suspect for the shadow client. Spurred by Erich Soders, the ICA board of directors has asked us to infiltrate the farm and eliminate Sean Rose, alone with three other prominent militia members: Ezra Berg, retired Mossad interrogator; Penelope Graves, former Interpol anti-terror analyst; and finally, Maya Parvati, former assassin and gunrunner for the Tamil Tigers.

I’ll be honest with you, 47. I consider Erich Soders’ reasoning hasty and ill-advised. Now, we cannot go against the wishes of the board - but we can conduct our own investigation. Whether a direct threat to the ICA or not, we need to know the shadow client’s true agenda. I will leave you to prepare.


Sean Rose


Maya Parvati


Ezra Berg


Penelope Graves

● Situs Inversus


Erich Soders


Yuki Yamakazi

Elusive Targets
● The Angel of Death


● The Guru


● The Warlord


● The Surgeons


● The Entertainer


HITMAN 2 Side Characters
3rd Elusive Target


Rocco doesn’t care if he’s late for work. He likes to relax because it’s all good. He believes in thinking big, and that all this stuff here is just temporary. He tries to teach his sister about this stuff. He enjoys sniping in the Hitman games, and is really good at it.


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