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Sarajevo Six
contract #4

“The Veteran”


Did they specifically state that he died in the interview? Or you are simply suggesting that this was 47’s way in and out?


I heard that convo too. They just say that he ‘admitted it’ during the interview. So No the guy doesn’t say that he died during the interview or even how he died. Just that he gave an interview and is now dead.

Which is funny because the interview would have never taken place without the help of 47


Well, maybe I didn’t expressed myself correctly.


It was too much Rule 34



Some info I’ve found out for “The Veteran”

-His wife’s name is Caroline

-John talked to “Patrick” on the phone while he was in Bangkok and it was revealed that Patrick’s current location was in (Colorado) at the time.

-It is revealed that, John and his wife, once spent a Christmas with Scott Scarno and the rest of his “Sarajevo Six” comrades, in The Hamptons.

-John is very paranoid that he is next in line for elimination, as all the members are being targeted by rank. He calls Patrick to warn him, that if he dies next, Patrick will be next in line.

-John is convinced that all the previous hits
(Scott, Gary, Walter) were planned. He states to his wife that they were professionals and wouldn’t just all die of “Accidents” His wife thinks he’s just being paranoid and it was all just a coincidence.

-John met with a guy named Will, who is writing a secret documentary on him and the rest of his Sarajevo Six comrades and told Will to finish the book…
No matter what…

Photo of Will


Jordan Cross hate his father


But his father, actually really loves him, according to Mr. Morgan :smile:


Here you have Jordan and Ken’s picture :wink:


If you are right guy from the post “so, i played thailand, USA and Japan” is right again omg.


No that wasn’t my post lol what do you mean though?


Guy who created topic was right about thailand, So if you are right and Savarejo6 guy is in colorado, that will be second prediction, so we can belive him about Hokkaido also.


The Sarajevo Six members (so far)

Will update in this thread when the last two arrive. So here they are if you want to add them to the O.P. @Spods

As I said, I will add the other two in here when they are released :slightly_smiling_face:

“The Mercenary” (USA) & “The Controller” (Japan)


Why you didn’t mention documents that you need to sleal after killing matteau mendola in marrakesh bonus mission.


Check post 252 ^^^^

It’s in here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All this just needs to be updated…
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Ok, didn’t notice:) sorry)


No, it’s no problem :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been away for the past few days with shitty WiFi access so I haven’t had a chance to update, but I get back tomorrow so chances are I can do a bit of it then.

As for the documents, I would like to add them but the intel section and the mission itself both have little info. I’d be glad to add them if there were a few pieces of info I could attach to them? :smiley:


Ok great, no problem.

As for the documents, yeah I see what you’re saying…

Idk maybe if you do decide to add them you can just put along with it, Documents: held by Matthieu Mendola. Plans to hand it over to Kong Tou Kwang, in exchange for $1,000,000 (it might be more)
EDIT: (Yes. It is One Million Dollars) Just Checked

The Documents are plans of Hamilton Lowe and Mendola had differences with his employer, Hamilton Lowe, which caused him to betray them, by giving their documents over to their primary regional competitor, China Corp.

Idk lol maybe something along the lines of that? Up to you…


Sounds good :thumbsup: I’ll add that ASAP :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot, I can’t get a good photo of them :confused: got any? I could also go without one if needed