The IAGO Dossier


New Elusive Black hat


He have a partner Called Whitecap
He likes to eat cheap jam from Alabama


I think it was jam with orange flavor.


Also during the work Black Hat or Whitecap is playing Hitman Sniper challenge


“The Black Hat”
Owen “Protagonist” Wagner

Clear Photos of Owen Wagner

Owens partner, aka: “The White Cap”


Both men were hired by Dalia Margolis to execute a high-profile hack.


You mean the documents?

It’s just a black tablet. Honestly, this is the best image I think you’ll find

If you zoom on it with the sniper it don’t get the whole thing. Plus if you zoom out, the crosshairs just get it the way of it. If you do add the documents, I would just use that to be honest.


Members of the Class are:
Jordan Cross(Lead Singer)
Abel De Silva(New Drummer)


Jordan Cross’ networth is 10 billion


Nila Torvik owns her own company named Torvik Research, wich earned the Scandinavian Tiger Award 2017. She studied in the Royal Institute of Technology where she specialized in the effect of psychopharmaceuticals and psychotropics. She comes from a very wealthy background and is completely ruthless to achieve her goals and is also described as somebody who doesn’t gives interviews. Seems to be very interested in the effects of drugs in humans. She also seems to distrust Dalia and doesn’t shows many emotions outside a cold look.
Sorry for the next pic, but the resemblance of her picture in the briefing and this is just uncanny:


New Elusive: Pharmacist


Who is The Silent Man?


The Pharmacist’s Intel


She is truly evil. Seriously.


List of last coming targets HUGE SPOILER ALERT

Marco Abiatti Landslide

Eric Soders and YUKI YAMAZAKI in Hokkaido mission what is called Situs Inversus


Wait a minute, Francesca has said Silvio Caruso had killed Marco Abiatti because that politician had bullied Caruso at school.


Silvio is the client😉


USA/ Colorado Targets Intel @Spods












Patrick Morgan; aka “The Mercenary”


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