The IAGO Dossier


Information on the Diamonds itself

EDIT: almost forgot…
Photo of the courier, just in case you would like to add it… Your call




Elusive Target #12

“The Identity Thief”


Hitman All (Japan Targets) Intel

Erich Soders



Yuki Yamazaki



Sarajevo Six # 6 “The Controller”

Taheiji Koyama



I like that reference to Hayamoto Sr.



Why do i always crack up whenever i read the Word “The Gold-Digger” Next to her.



Elusive Target # 13
The Ex-Dictator

Richard Ekwensi

Inez Ekwensi


Too bad they didn’t use the gold digger song playing on a radio somewhere. Cue music


It wasn’t stated anywhere in this elusive
(That I’m aware, anyway)

But judging by "The Ex-Dictators left eye (glass) he is half blind. Up to you if you wanna add it in his profile @Spods




Elusive 14 “The Chef”

Some quick info:

Physical assaults on assistants and producers.
-Gabe has had 2 cases of assault with a bladed meat tenderizer. No police reports were ever filed.

-Multiplatform Social Media Experience: “Gabe’s Cooking” has a follower count of: 375.000 across all platforms.

-Related Media Tags: #GabeBurn #DestroyedByGabe #GabesLaughingAtYou #BurnedInTheFace


She killed Headmaster (Protably with crowbar)



Elusive #15

“The Angel of Death”


(Some quick info)

According to her briefing video, if you add up all of her kills, she apparently had 47 victims!!


Also, here is her “technique analysis”

And finally…


That’s a high exfiltration efficiency index: 93% with multi-connecting flights to throw off pursuers.

As a side note, it’s unusual to find Etta Davis’ killing technique. Usually poisoners start using that technique when they’re older due to the reduced levels of physical stress required to accomplish the kill.
The fact that Davis was a poisoner who transitioned into blunt force homicide in her senior years suggests she might not have fit contemporary criminal profiles - explaining how her crimes have gone unnoticed for around 30 years.



It is confirmed that “The Controller” has Leukapheresis


Apparently, Silvio Caruso has an uncle named Eddy.

If you hold Caruso at gun point, as he’s crying and pleading, one of the lines in his dialogue states,

“No! This will be like the time uncle Eddy through me down the well.”

(Something like that, anyway) But I heard
"Uncle Eddy"


His uncle threw him down a fucking well?

God. That guy can’t catch a break.


That’s what he said. Although it could have just been said out of desperation, hoping for some sympathy from 47… But I doubt it, for he mentions some truth about his mother…

But if not, then yeah lol all that he has been through, it’s hard not to feel for the guy :laughing:


General Zaydan once led the strike team that apprehended “The Mongoose” however, it was Dalia Margolis’ Intel that led to the Mongoose’s arrest in 2007 and also, the drone strike that killed Red Sabre in Lebanon. To me, it sounds their paths may have crossed at some point, just like Dalia and Berg. Not to mention Zaydan was known to date a lot of supermodels and Margolis just so happens to help run Sanguine… Plus Margolis’ father was also a General… Connection, perhaps??

EDIT: On a different note…

Both targets, Ken Morgan and Graves went to “Cambridge”
(I thought that was pretty interesting lol)