The IAGO Dossier


I believe someone here mentioned that you can find Zaydan’s girlfriend in the level, on the phone to someone, discussing when was the best time to get out of the country - if she leaves now then it’ll be obvious she was a spy. I don’t know if this is after Zaydan’s death or if she’s just thinking about leaving because IAGO’s been destroyed (probably the latter).

A video on this would be great!

Also: The Mongoose that Zaydan apprehended was Maya Parvati’s superior when she was a pirate.


That’s The Maelstrom, not The Mongoose.:frowning:


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Should I add everything I have on Noel Crest to this thread? Or is this just for current targets?


You can add anything about any major character in Hitman, not just targets, according to @Spods
I say go for it.
Knowledge is power :laughing:


Crest will most likely be a target.

What we know about him so far:
• Accountant as mentioned in Colorado
• Works for the Shadow Client
• Works with other clients
• Has a team, so will have other targets
• Worked with Kronstadt Insdustries (mentioned in Paris)

Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

Alma Reynard

What we know about her:
• Freelance Assassin
• Rose’s girlfreind
• Works for the Shadow Client
• Lone Wolf
• Has an upcoming militia contract in Berlin, as mentioned in Colorado
• Trusted by Sean Rose
• Most likely a leading member of the Shadow Militia


Olivia Hall

What we know about her:
• Hacktivist
• Currently hiding in London
• Shadow Client’s prodigy and right hand
• Another leading militia member
• Not an active fighter, but is mobile


Shadow Client

What we know about him:
• Has very few people that he trusts
• Closest Militia members to him:
• Secretive
• Highly skilled
• Master tactician
• Unknown identity: possible another clone, relative of Ort-Meyer, certainly linked closely to 47
• Possibly mystery man from H2
• Not a monster: has sympathy, but is still cold
• Has hair, so is not a recent clone
• Hates Providence for unknown reasons, most likely connects with 47 and Providence’s knowledge of his past.



• Works with the Delgados
• Has three divisions:
Cyber, led by Hall
Operations, led by Rose
Corporate, led by Crest (not confirmed)
• Secretive
• Effective and brutal
• Made up of mainly soldiers, but has multiple specialists
• Leading members:

Shadow Client
Sean Rose (deceased)
Olivia Hall
Noel Crest
Penelope Graves (deceased)
Ezra Berg (deceased)
Maya Parvati (deceased)
Alma Reynard


There’s everything that I’ve collected on the militia. Tell me if I’ve missed anything.


This is some great stuff, @Silverballer. Thanks.

@AGENT4T7 it’s very probable my PC will get repaired this month which means I can potentially update it all in time for Christmas :smile:


@Spods I’ll see if I can get some data on Providence tomorrow.


Awesome! That’s great news :smiley:
It definitely needs an update lol


Oh and @AGENT4T7 Cambridge is a university in England. It’s one of the best in the world.


Oh, yes I know. I just put it in " "
Because it was in both Ken Morgan & Graves’ Intel descriptions. Looking back, I suppose I should have specified that lol but thanks. :wink:



“Holiday Hoarders” Targets and mission briefing



Better photos of the targets


What does the corporate division do? Does the militia have legitimate business interests to front their terroristic operations.?


Also, just for the hell of it lol
All 12 items that were looted by “The Wetbandits” throughout the palace…


Harry’s Stash:

  • Fireworks Remote Detonator
  • Circumcision Knife
  • Cowboy Bust
  • Devil Bust
  • Saber
  • Branson MD-2 Microphone

Marv’s Stash:

  • Apricot
  • Coconut
  • Toy Tank
  • Cannonball
  • Shuriken
  • Battle Axe


Both Harry and Marv carry a Crowbar by default.


@Brownell militia members mentioned Crest was a leader, and I think it’s for funding. I’m not sure what else they would do.