The IAGO Dossier


’The Hidden Hand’

Okay so I’m gonna do a few posts on Providence for the Dossier. If anyone had anything that I’ve missed, tell me so I can edit it.

• Heralds
• Fanin and Cobb
• The Partners
• The Constant
• Members, objectives, resources, etc.



• Messangers for Providence
• Co-ordinate operations, members, oversee other important occasions (e.g. Yuki and Soders)
Known Heralds:
• Yuki Yamazaki (Deceased)
• Berg’s Prisoner
Most of my info on Providence comes from this guy. He has some really interesting stuff to say if you listen in on the interrogations.
• Huen (Deceased) (Not real name)
The man who was shot in ‘the Key’ Cinematic. Yamazaki’s boyfreind, similar to Yamazaki in many ways. (Have seen his real name, can’t remember what it was though, I saw it while listening to Yuki.)
• Mikeal
Talked to by Yuki Yamazaki on the phone. May not be another herald, as Yuki talked to him as if she was his boss (though this could just be due to Yukis personality)
• Erich Soders

The Heralds tend to be the talking type. Lawyers, negotiators, etc. They are persuasive and cunning and I think we may see more of them in seasons to come. They are also insiders and spies (Soders).
All Heralds seem to wear a dove pin, so this may be what identifies them as Heralds.


Fanin and Cobb

• Eugene Cobb (Deceased)
Killed by the SC in a plane crash. Preceded Cobb. This could be for just the bank he owned or also for Providence.
• Mr Fanin
Current owner of Cobb’s bank. Seen in ‘Providence is under attack.’ Almost certainly a target. Potentially leader of Providence, yet this is unlikely.


The Partners

• Assumed leaders of Providence.
• Unknown identities: Berg askes his prisoner, but the prisoner (a herald) doesn’t know. Can be seen as silhouettes in the Shadow Client’s tornado shelter.
• Fanin is not a partner- His picture is seen on the SC’s board, unsilhoutted, unlike the Partners.
• Have a leader: There is a larger, leader type silhouette at the top of the SC’s board, indicating this could be a leader of Providence.


The Constant

• The man from the ‘Providence is under attack’ and ‘Partners, Then?’.
• Acts like a more important Herald. Most likely contacted by Yuki as she talks to a ‘boss’.
• Identity unknown by Shadow Client.
• Asked by Berg to his prisoner. Prisoners says he looks like ‘The guy you sit next to on the bus’
• Potential leader of Providence.
• If 47 attacks Providence, this guy will be a target.



•Objective: Keep the world running. Try to avoid large-scale wars and let the world benefit Providence most. Conservatives and capitalists.
•Structure: Constant leads Heralds. Partners lead members, through the Heralds.
• Members (not including Heralds):
Silvio Caruso (Deceased)
Francesca De Santis (Deceased)
Claus Strandberg (Deceased)
Reza Zaydan (Deceased)
Thomas Cross (Deceased)
Ken Morgan (Deceased)
Mr Fanin
The Partners
Simon Devaraux
Gustavo Torres
Akaro Nakamura
Erik Olander
The Papal Adviser
Others including Vatican Insiders, corporate leaders and political leaders.


Okay @Spods time to auction it off


A few additions:

  • Erik Olander, the Swedish Consul in Marrakesh, is almost certainly part of Providence, too.

  • While mussing about Providence Penelope Graves mentions another guy by name who is the papal advisor. Mighty be the priest guy one the board.

  • Both The Constant and Yuki Yamazaki wear a dove pin Maybe a symbol that identifies them as Heralds?

  • There’s nothing about Morgan that indicates that he’s part of Providence. Sure he fit’s the profile but none of his dialogues imply that he’s aware of Providence and his picture isn’t on the Shadow Client’s board either.


@Pitman thanks for the info. I think Morgan is part of Providence as he says it is ‘only the semi-finals’ in Bangkok, indicating he knows of a grand scheme, and someone so close to Cross must know of Providence.



The DNA Specific Virus

Current temperature:
0.2 degrees

When the Virus reaches exactly 58 degrees, it will be destroyed.


There’s a lot of stuff in The Guru ET. Sadly I’m doubt I’ll have time to write it.


Here is a bit on the Guru @Spods

Clients Son: Keith Keeble

Clients Family Lawyer: Katherine Feller

Also this guy that was with Mr. Magee…
His name is Mr Napolitano? I think, not sure, maybe someone can confirm


  • The man in the picture above and the target had a discussion, basically implying killing Miss Feller in an accident… A “slip and snap” and then keep the son hostage and request ransom, instead of getting Keith’s fund.

  • It was also said that, when Keith got a new phone, Mr. Magee purposely didn’t put Keith’s parents contact information in it.

There was a lot like others have mentioned, but since I only did one playthrough on the Guru, I obviously didn’t catch all of the dialogue. But I typed up here what I could remember anyway. Hopefully others got more info


The lawyer (Feller) worked with ‘Vulkova and Partners Reg. Luxembourg’


I thought the guy with Magee was lawyer Salvatore Bravuomo, the owner of the room


It very well may be. As I said I wasn’t entirely sure. I only heard some of the dialogue once.


@AGENT4T7 I was annoyed about missing dialogue too. I hit and ran, saw the opportunity and bolted.


I usually try to hear most of it if I can, but me worrying about screwing up the contract, I take the first opportunity I get to strike lol sometimes with Elusives routes being random, who knows when I’ll get another good opportunity.


@AGENT4T7 exactly. I wonder if once the ETs are over after season 3 they will cycle the ETs, so we can play them again.


Ehh, honestly… I love the fact that they are ‘elusive’ and (hopefully) won’t return. The “one time only” factor makes them so unique and I really like that about them IMO that’s their whole charm…

If anything though, I would like it if they released the script of all the elusive targets in game dialogue at some point. That would be really nice.


@AGENT4T7 I like the one chance only right now but once we have burned through this game we are going to need something to run on, and IOI are going to have to start the next game at some point.