The IAGO Dossier


Well in the meantime, I’ll just play this and past Hitman games lol


@AGENT4T7 tru. And there is a long time until this game is finished. Anyway, back to the dossier :joy:



Here is a video of all the dialogue with “The Guru”
Thanks to @Euler13 for putting this video together!! :smiley:

This mans name is Edillio Napolitano and he is a lawyer, his clients are Richard and Keith. Richard has said he knew Edillio well.

Richard bought a yacht apparently with Keith’s funds. The yacht was bought in Key West 4 weeks ago and Richard has a cousin that lives there.


@Spods another elusive video, courtesy of @Euler13 thanks again man, you are awesome!

This one was for "The Angel of Death"

  • It is heavily implied that Etta killed her friend Gladys

  • According to Etta Davis, her and the headmaster used to be pen pals.

  • It is also heavily implied that Etta killed her first husband, as he had quite the “spill” down a flight of stairs.

Along with a couple other details… Please refer to the video :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah that would be a really good way to seeing the story without re-releasing elusives, as I know IOI’s not entertaining that idea.

@Travis_IOI I know this is more Torben’s thing but could you please mentioned Agent4T7’s suggestion of post-season scripts being made available for those who didn’t get all of the elusive target’s backstories?



Got some info on General Zaydan.
Note: I did not discover this myself. @JosephMartin brought this to my attention, so credit goes to him.

Ellinor Westrup was Zaydan’s current girlfriend.
She was introduced to him by Dalia Margolis. She eventually wanted to break it off, but thought it would have been too suspicious if she had done it soon after Dalia’s murder. She planned on breaking up with him later that night, after the whole “Strandberg thing”

Ellinor supposedly also worked as a spy for Margolis, as it is revealed that Ellinor reported some “Scary Shit” Zaydan was involved in.

Here is a photo of Ellinor Westrup


can i see her model in actual game?


What do you mean?
Do you mean was she a model for Sanguine? Then yes, she was.

Or do you mean model as in, is she really in the game? Also, yes…

She can be found in the Caf’e in Marrakesh


i meant her as an actual npc in the game, but fact about sanguine is also interesting, thanks man youre awesome :wink:


No problem bud. But as I said @JosephMartin discovered this and told me. I’m just passing it along for the dossier :blush:


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If someone could post (or repost) the intel sections for main targets + sarajevo six from first three maps, that’d be great <3


Targets from the past 3 maps as you requested. Even added in the bonus levels.






Thanks - however I still need Margolis, Novikov, Caruso, de Santis, Strandberg and Zaydan :smile: pretty please?


I’m out at the moment and I don’t have the other targets saved on my phone. I will update the rest that you mentioned later tonight. But I updated the rest in my post above. But the ones I posted should keep you busy for the time being

I will add, tonight…





Morgan worked for ‘Haven Corporate Services’. I suspect that may be related to Noel Crest, and wouldn’t be surprised if we see them in the future. I think Kronstadt is going to be involved as they pop up a lot (Vito Duric) and apparently their HQ has some of the best tech in the world, also Hamsun Oil (Oil Rig mission?) may be involved in the future.


Yeah, they certainly have a lot of story they can add to the story in season 2. I’m really looking forward to it! I love how some targets intertwine with one another.


It is one of my favourite things about the new hitman game. I was very excited when I heard Jordan Cross was to be a target: I had heard about him so many times. I guess you could call it the ‘World of Assassination’ :wink:


@Spods okay…

Go to post 395

ALL 27 Targets from season 1 are in that post. Every single target to date, even bonus levels, Sarajevo Six and Holiday Hoarders…

(I will add ‘Landslide’ targets as well when it’s out)


Remember post 395 or save the target photos this time lol

Also, I apologize that the targets aren’t in order in my post. But every single target is in there, I assure you haha like I said I’ll add Landslide targets when they are out! Awesome thread dude, I been happy to help ya out with it, don’t forget to scroll through and gather info everyone posted for your Notes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: