The IAGO Dossier


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So is this update adding all the missing stuff to the main dossier (because right now the main dossier doesn’t actually have much on say Providence)


I’m gonna go through and add as much as I can on everything that’s missing - it might take a while but I’ll get it done huehue


Just in case @Spodey

Here are the “Mission Objectives” description for the following missions so far.

  • “World of Tomorrow”

  • “A House Built on Sand”

  • "Sarajevo Six (Number 6)


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Just a suggestion: make a new dossier thread (or just create a second dossier in one of the comments) for elusive targets. They take up some serious space.


Koyama suffered from Elyen’s Syndrome, a fictitious genetic disorder that IO Interactive evidently made up for the purposes of the character’s backstory.

But strangely, Elyen’s Syndrome doesn’t appear at all on his hospital record. This can’t be because of its rarity because spinal muscular atrophy’s on there.

And the leukapheresis that he’s confirmed to need “treatment” for isn’t even a disorder, it’s a technique used in a lab to separate leukacytes from blood samples in order to run tests on them. So God knows why GAMA thinks he’s suffering from leukapheresis, that’s like saying he’s been diagnosed with chemotherapy. It’s a procedure, not a disorder.

KAI be trippin’.


Hitman 2016 is my GOTY, but that said… the IAGO auction never made any sense at all to me. How can there be an auction on “secrets?” Just one example on why I think the concept doesn’t make sense: you’re the losing bidder. You know who won the bid.So how exactly is anything a “secret” any more? Especially if you’re competing parties!


Thank you for that, “Director” :wink:
That is very strange to say the least…

@w00master that is a great question, however (and I’m just taking a guess here) but maybe these “secrets” don’t reveal the actual secret…if you listen to the auctioneer, he just says descriptions such as, "a suspicious suicide in Mexico. etc, etc… I don’t believe he actually gives Intel on such items for bid, or reveals the identity of the person who won.

I (assume) the people would just goes off the description and bid if they think it would be worth their while…

Other than that, if that’s not the case then I totally see what you’re saying and I would agree.


The medical knowledge irked me :stuck_out_tongue:

With regards to the auction of secrets, I think the auctioneer would say “A suspicious suicide in Mexico” and on their tablet devices, there would be more specific information on the importance and implications of the information, so that bidders can determine if it affects their areas of interest (which could be listed as a kind of tag system).

Suicide victim: High-ranking Mexican legislator, suspicious circumstances. Forensic evidence missing. No viable suspects.
Implication(s): Suppressed veto of an anti-tobacco bill, weakened public image of the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico, vacancy in the aforementioned party, forensic evidence against an international assassin, slight increase in tobacco stocks, and increased political security contracts for private security firms based in Mexico City.
Areas of interest affected: Mexican politics, Mexican law, tobacco industry, PVEM, anti-establishment, minority politics in Latin America.
Information available: Forensic evidence of victim’s suicide, details surrounding it, and insider knowledge on how to adapt the information to any narrative.
Starting bid: $180,000.

Then the winning bidder would anonymously buy the information and have it sent to them, or it could be handed to them in a USB stick on their way out of the fashion show, inside a seemingly generic Sanguine bag.



Elusive Target # 17


Reading the last paragraph just left even more clear how much of a prick he is.


Haha yeah, well now he won’t have to worry about his calorie intake, hahaha!!:smiling_imp:



Also some quick info on The Food Critic

Had 193,497,187 Subscribers.

And finally…


So it was the Chef Bernard who knew all the staff members and not the critic. Heh. The same like in the main mission.


Yeah, I saw a few people get confused by that as well lol

Oh, one more thing @Spodey I promise :sweat_smile:

Another “Dialogue Video” of the in game conversations of “The Food Critic” again, the video was provided by @Euler13
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Hello, real fast to anyone who can help me, please!

I don’t mean to take away the focus of this thread, but seeing it’s a topic discussing targets, I thought I’d just ask my question here…

Just so I don’t derail this thread, could someone/anyone PM me screenshots of all the targets photos from the past games?

Like these…

  • Hitman Codename 47

  • Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

  • Hitman Contracts

  • Hitman Blood Money

Again, so I don’t derail this thread, if anyone could please PM me the screenshots of all the targets from those games (just the actual target photos) I would greatly appreciate it.

I would do it myself, but I’m without a PC right now…
Thank you so much, I appreciate it in advance :slightly_smiling_face: