The IAGO Dossier


All of them… all like 40 of them…
I mean, I could try and get the C47 screenshots for you, if my laptop doesn’t explode or something like that.
Edit: Nevermind I can’t get them, fatal flaw in my plan: I haven’t completed the game


Yes all of them would be very much appreciated. There’s no rush, I mean if someone happens to get around to it to get only a few, I’d appreciate it too. Whenever anyone has the chance, just PM me :slightly_smiling_face:



I noticed you didn’t have the prologue mission briefings, for Ritter and Knight.
along with a few others, but for now, here are those two you can add…

Welcome to advanced training. Your first mission originally took place in Sydney, Australia. The target was Kalvin Ritter, also known as “The Sparrow,” master thief for hire, specializing in rare and priceless art. Our agent cleverly infiltrated Ritter’s private yacht during a social gathering and discretely eliminated him without any of the guests noticing. Now you will do the same. Oh, and don’t worry about the training operatives. All weapons are simulated. Good luck, Initiate.


The final test is based on an authentic 1979 mission, the high point of Training Director Soders’ career as an active agent. The target was Jasper Knight, a famous U.S. chess master exposed as a Soviet spy. Soders caught up with Knight at a military airfield in Cuba and eliminated him against all odds. This is your objective as well. Now listen carefully. ICA exams aren’t normally this difficult. Not only was the airfield a virtual fortress, he even added additional guards. Soders wants you to fail. He considers you a threat, and this way, your unfortunate exit from the program will not raise any eyebrows. He did not, however, factor me into the equation. If Soders can bend the rules, then so can I. Good luck, Initiate.

EDIT: A few more @Spods
I got Situs Inversus, and also, both The Icon and A House Built On Sand (Bonus Missions)

Good morning, 47. The Board has sanctioned Erich Soders for termination. After Colorado we did some digging into Soders’ private affairs, and discovered that he has been fast-tracked for critical heart surgery at the hyper-exclusive Gama private hospital in Hokkaido, Japan. Such a display of power has Providence written all over it. Soders, who suffers from a rare condition known as Situs Inversus, where his internal organs are reversed, desperately needs a right-sided heart transplant and has clearly betrayed the ICA to get it. He was admitted last night and is currently being prepped for a three-day surgery. We have booked you into Gama under the usual guise of Tobias Rieper, corporate shark, here for a standard medical checkup. As such, you will need to play it by ear and procure whatever tools you need to complete the mission. You also need to eliminate Yuki Yamazaki; a Tokyo lawyer who works for Providence. Soders has already given Yamazaki access to our client records and has agreed to provide a full list of active ICA operatives, post operation. This transaction cannot be allowed to happen. Soders must pay for his treachery and his insidious employers must be taught a lesson. ICA’s sovereignty is at stake. Powerful as Providence may be, we need to draw a line in the sand. I will leave you to prepare.

The Icon:

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Italian coastal town of Sapienza, where our client, L’Avventura Pictures, is shooting a superhero-epic based on the cult graphic novel The Icon. Your target is Dino Bosco, the film’s director and leading man. A washed-up character actor, Bosco sees The Icon as his big comeback. Unfortunately, his rampant perfectionism and complete disregard for the budget has left L’Avventura on the verge of bankruptcy. Still, he doggedly refuses to wrap the production. L’Avventura cannot fire Bosco without violating their contract. That is why they have asked us to retire him before the whole studio goes belly-up. I will leave you to prepare.


Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is Marrakesh, Morocco. Your targets: Kong Tuo-Kwang, head of a Chinese construction conglomerate, and Matthieu Mendola, chief architect at Tuo-Kwang’s biggest rival, Hamilton-Lowe. Mendola plans to double-cross his employer and leak non-disclosable company documents to Tuo-Kwang, including the confidential offer for a multi-billion dollar real estate project. In response, Hamilton-Lowe has requested that we eliminate both men and send their competition a clear message. Kong has rented a rooftop patio for the meeting, but the location is as of yet unclear. So, track them and eliminate them….and reclaim the documents. Good luck, 47.


I’m gonna be adding a thing in this post called "Mission Details"
You should as well, in the O.P… Basically, the following is all the dialogue by Diana, before you start the actual story mission. I’ll go in order so it’s easier for you…

Welcome to Paris, 47. The show is just about to start. This is the red carpet event of the season, and the guest list is a veritable who’s who of the global fashion elite. You will find Viktor Novikov basking in the spotlight, while Dalia Margolis hosts the heavily guarded auction on the second floor for a group of IAGO’s top customers. Now, event security will keep a watchful eye on any suspicious activity. But I trust your timeless look shall fit right in. Good luck, 47.

Welcome to Sapienza, 47. Silvio Caruso’s family home is right across the square. The bioengineer suffers from acute travel phobia so the Ether Corporation has installed a state-of-the-art field laboratory somewhere below ground. Expect security levels to rise as you get closer to the virus. Good luck, 47.

A GILDED CAGE (Marrakesh)
Welcome to Marrakesh, 47. The situation grows more tense by the minute. The consulate is under lockdown. But the protests are only a stone throw away from full-blown riots, and Zaydan won’t hesitate to unleash his troops. So whatever you’re planning, time is of the essence. Good luck, 47.

CLUB 27 (Bangkok)
Welcome to Bangkok, 47. Ken Morgan has booked the Queen Suite, but has yet to check in. You will find him in and around the restaurant. Oddly enough, Jordan Cross seems completely unaware of his presence. Cross and The Class have set up a recording studio in the Emperor’s Suite on the third floor. Private security around Cross and his entourage is highly capable. Still, I’m sure you can find your way into his inner circle. After all, today is Jordan Cross’ 27th birthday. The age when rock stars die. Good luck, 47.

Welcome to Colorado, 47. The militia has taken up HQ at an old apricot farm and appear to be training for a series of coordinated strikes, ranging from cyber-attacks to full-blown guerrilla warfare. The shadow client appears to untie specialists and radicals from all over the map. Mercenaries and terrorists, hackers and spies, joined by an unknown common cause. Satellite scans indicate that the command room is below ground, inside an old tornado shelter. Only Rose appears to have access, however, so to get inside you will need to get creative. This environment is hostile and highly alert, so tread carefully. Good luck, 47.

Welcome to Hokkaido, 47. The Gama private hospital provides cutting-edge medical treatment for the global elite - outside the law if required. The facility is partially run by an artificial intelligence system known as KAI. The AI oversees patient admissions to various areas in the hospital and even participates in some medical procedures. You will find Erich Soders in the operating theater, undergoing pre-surgery regenerative stem cell treatment. A highly controversial procedure, yet to be approved by Japanese authorities. Yuki Yamazaki has already arrived. You’ll find her in her suite or roaming the restaurant and spa areas of the hospital. Soders is scheduled to be put under soon. Let us make sure he stays that way. Good luck, 47.

THE ICON (Sapienza)
Welcome to Sapienza, 47. Today’s shoot is already in progress. For the sake of authenticity, Dino Bosco’s Icon costume is genuinely bulletproof. He does, however, insist on doing his own stunts. So, I suggest you take advantage of Murphy’s Law. Good luck, 47.

Welcome to Marrakesh, 47. Mendola has just arrived. He is unaware of Kong’s secret meeting location, but we know that Kong is hosting a lavish party at the shisha caf’e, and we suspect the meeting will take place nearby. Good luck, 47.


Speaking of Ritter, here is his GF.
Don’t know if you want to add her to the characters list, up to you. But here she is anyway…


@Spods here is elusive target number 18 “The Chameleon” aka; the worst elusive ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Elusive Target # 19

Walter looks at his phone and mentions

“Jessica Highmoore;” Isn’t she the one with the rich daddy?"

Suggesting Jessica may be a potential victim of The Blackmailers.




“Landslide” Target; Marco Abiatti



Elusive # 20

The targets son

The Targets Machete



Elusive # 21


Again, kinda disappointed with the backstory for these. Especially compared to the Warlord. I suppose Frydel had an ok backstory, but Akenawa was about as deep as a puddle.


But the story behind the Kill condition is really good


Elusive # 22


He looks good for 90, he must do Hokkaido-style yoga in the morning.

Conspiratorial edit: Diana refers to the client as “Locksley” as though we’re supposed to know who that is. If you look at the briefing, it refers to Locksley under “The Locksley Contracts” and says that J arnefelt’s ledger links to future assassinations. So it’s safe to assume there are going to be more elusive targets from this one client.


Locksley is also the guy who Told Taheji about ICA


Maybe he is going to be bigger character?


Very astute. Locksley appears to be in the United Kingdom (probably London) - so there might be a connection to Olivia Hall as that’s where she was in both her target briefing and in the post-Colorado cutscene.

This is the first time that I know of where a client has been referred to by codename, implying there’s going to be some kind of reveal later on. Either that or it’s a real-life person or organisation that they can’t name for legal reasons (like the Fabergé egg thing). But Diana’s already openly outed MI6, a construction company, a shareholder of the Ether Corporation and the ICA Board themselves. So who could be so important as to require a codename?


Possibly the Silent Man?



Yet another, Elusive Target.

Number 23


I hate to be negative but Hudson had to be the most boring elusive implemented so far. There was next to no back story, the man was a stereotype, and his only dialogue was nagging a security guard.

Very few of these targets are actually ‘elusive’. There’s no reason why 47 couldn’t have killed this photojournalist, the TV chef, art collector, congressman, food critic, pharmacist, blackmailer or doctor at any other time. Dr. Frydel worked at GAMA so surely he could have been killed whenever.
A truly elusive target such as the Sensation are otherwise inaccessible, save for this tiny window of opportunity. After that, they’ve vanished without a trace.
They’re like Hayamoto Sr. in that respect. I’d like to see more truly elusive targets, rather than petty disputes over Yelp reviews and blackmail.

However, it was nice to see the coding for the AI for NPCs in areas they’re not supposed to be, and for bodyguards stalking them. I hope this is a test run for greatness in the future.



Elusive # 24 “The Badboy”