The IAGO Dossier


Not that it really matters but everyone keeps saying it’s Kanye and I don’t see it.

The backstory and the voice acting make me think the targets maybe represents a trend or a culture rather than a specific person.

Not that I am the end all be all Kanye stan but the dude never tried to go for the whole gangster thing so…shrug plus this guy has no musical talents.


I thinl this guy is Kanye like Abbiati is Trump. An inspiration from-- but not a reference of–.


The Client for the hit on Elusive # 23

Elusive # 24 “The Badboy”
(His Manager)


Bartholomew’s childhood friend



Elusive Target # 25


1 of the 3 Random Targets


This one had a really awful story. What the hell was the ICA3011 and the picture tweets about? Made no sense whatsoever. And Ji-Hu was barely characterised at all.


The leak briefing:

Good morning, 47.

Your target has been linked to a number of hybrid conflict operations in mainland China, South Korea and Japan. In a touching example of international cooperation, the intelligence services of all three nations have placed a combined Contract with us for the Target’s elimination.

We have learned that he has arrived at the Gama facility in Hokkaido for facial reconstruction surgery, a preferred technique of SSD operatives. This gives us a window to engage, but the very nature of this surgery will make him difficult to identify.

The clients are cooperating to gather information to identify the Target, and I will relay this on to you as I receive it. Be ready to improvise, however.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.

I’d guess something has happened making the devs to remove the first part.


I think this type of photos is more useful, if u like i will do the rest


I can also photoshop something like this far from ideal but…


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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen…

The final Elusive Target for S1.

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Hey @Spods I don’t know if you’d be interested, but if you would also like to add the targets from Hitman:Sniper, I have them all here…

I have the photo of them all, plus their description that Diana gives to each of them the first time you encounter them.


Just bumping this thread, seeing we have more targets coming with “Patient Zero” on the 7th of Nov.

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