The IAGO Dossier


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Really looking forward to these new targets!!


Alright so, unfortunately I’m gonna be unable to play Hitman for a few days as I’m away from home on some business and away from my PS4 until further notice lol

Could someone be so kind to post screenshots of all the Patient Zero targets INTEL / BIO’s from each mission, please?

Like these…
(Mission objectives as well)

Just post them in this thread for future reference, as @Spodey will need them anyway.










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That is excellent thank you so much @Vinnie_Sinistra that was very fast. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:



Finally took like 50 tries to get this image.


Heres better one☺


He’s not too photogenic, you need to admit.


IMG_7405 this is slightly better


Here is a great close up shot of “The Vector” for whenever you are free to update this thread.



@spodey hey, I know these are for Absolution, but I found some really great pics of all “The Saints” (in order; as they appeared in game) and I really wanted to share them with you in this thread.

I know it was a known thing on how it was hard to tell which Saint was who, as some did look rather similar.

Again, here they all are (in order) in case you wish to add them.

The Saints ⚜️

Jennifer Anne Paxton

Heather McCarthy

Dijana Radoncic

Agnija Radoncic

Louisa Cain

Jaqueline Moorhead

LaSandra Dixon (Field Commander)

You can edit/crop the photos how ever you see fit, if you wish🙂


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Dr. Ashford’s Audio Log on Sanchez


“June 7th, 1986. The test subject Sanchez is responding well to the latest serum. His muscle capacity has increased by 160% since commencement of alpha phase. The whole team is highly enthusiastic. Could the chemically induced “super soldier” finally be within our grasp…? June 19th, 1986. The test subject Sanchez has begun showing extreme signs of gigantism. No doubt a hormonal imbalance caused by the X-9 serum. The boy will have to remain inside the facility until the worst side effects can be reduced. The shareholders are extremely concerned, and I fear the whole project is under threat of cancellation.”

Dr. Ashford’s Video Log on Victoria


“On the surface the subject is an ordinary teenage girl but initial test results prove… unusual. I take caution to avoid drawling premature conclusions. I will have to await the results of the DNA analysis. The subject exceeds my wildest expectations. Her stats are unlike anything I have ever seen. Apart from the fabled work of Dr. Ort-Meyer, none have attempted human genetic manipulation on this scale. My own work on the Mexican, Sanchez, is feeble by comparison. Mere groping in the dark. I must admit I find it hard to maintain a scientific distance. This is an opportunity I have dreamed of my entire life. I only fear that Blake Dexter will sell the girl off to the highest bidder instead of investing the proper time to develop her abilities in full. He is a narrow-minded short-term individual with limited interest in true scientific endeavors. I must derive what information I can, while I still have the chance. The content of this lab could already be worth untold millions.”


Okay. Let’s put some info about Robert Knox and Sierra Knox

  • Heads of Kronstadt.
  • Kronstadt was the one ordered a hit on Vito Duric. Considering Duric is a gunrunner and very few know that Kronstadt is the biggest supplier of next-gen military tech, they must had some history.
  • Sierra Knox once made her competitor had an accident so she can win the race.
  • Kronstadt helped Jin Po in the “Tungan Valley Incident”, I swear that the incident was mentioned somewhere in Season 1 but I cannot remember.


since I still don’t have the time to focus on this, feel free to edit the original post if you guys want :slight_smile:


I hope Jin Po will be a target. He would be the first president to become a target


I hope that if he will be a target he’s Chinese or Korean. From the moment I knew season 2 was a thing those were one of the first locations I had in mind to visit.


Now that I remember… isn’t Noel Crest is said to work with Kronstadt. Maybe after the Miami mission the ICA and Providence investigate Kronstadt and found out about Noel Crest (it’s possible it was Crest who convince the Knox to defect Providence) and he is the next target for the next mission.