The Ignatiev Integrity escalation container bug

I am slowly working my way through Hitman 2, working my way through all the Hitman levels first. I got to level 3 of the The Ignatiev Integrity escalation contract but when I dump Irfaan’s body in the container for the objective “Hide Irfaan Haider’s body in the container in the garage parking maintenance room.” it is not being registered, which has killed my progress on this contract. Anybody else see this bug? could it be related to the update that went out yesterday?

Also, what would be the best way to inform IO Interactive of this bug?

Report it in this thread:

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Could you post a screenshot of the container you’re hiding the body in? Just to make sure you got the right one.

It is the right container as its the only one nearby, it has the objective marker over it and I’ve watched multiple youtube videos to confirm it. Someone on the steam forums has confirmed they have the bug also.

I can confirm this mission is completely impossible now. Seems like they broke it very recently. All of the objectives are easy enough. With a covert shotgun you’re never even heard. But it won’t matter as the “cleaner” objective does not update. Subduing the target or simply shooting him doesn’t make a difference. I’ve tried both.

I’m suffering form the same bug right now also. I was able to complete part 3 on my third try and have the cleaner objective trigger, but not part 4 doesn’t seem to trigger. I am also using the Enram HV Covert and killing the target inside the maintenance closet next to the container.

I read about a possible workaround: dump another body into the container first to unglitch it, then dump the target. The objective should properly trigger afterwards.

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I tried this three times, and every time I had the same problem.

Then I tried the solution mentioned by Pacifist_47:

I read about a possible workaround: dump another body into the container first to unglitch it, then dump the target. The objective should properly trigger afterwards.

This worked first time for me, but the guard who walks through the underground tunnel system from behind the shop spotted me right at the end, so watch out for that.


There is a glitch in the escalation that if the body is dumped in the container prior to another body. The container will not recognize the completion of the objective. To circumvent this you require and additional body to dump in the container before placing the targets body in the container This will trigger the completion of the objective.

My run Lvl 5:

There are 4 cameras in the parking garage you need to destroy. The first is right above the door you enter. You have to open the door angle up and take this camera out first (non-noticed). You will not be spotted doing this. Then enter the garage. Take out the camera above the storage room door (non-noticed) , as well as on the wall by the room with the safe (this is noticed). Move around by the storage room and look across and take out the camera that is watching the stairs leading down to the tunnels (non-noticed). You will need two individuals so I lured one guard into the storage and knocked him out; then hid his body out of the way. Then lured the target into the storage and knocked him out. ‘Remember don’t dump the first person into the container until you shot the target’. I shot the target with the smuggled silent shotgun. I dumped the first into the crate and then dumped the target into the crate. I then moved outside and broke into the safe with the crowbar and took the bottle. I then went across the way and into the tunnel knocked the first guard out and hid his body. At this point the guard that roams the tunnel makes his way up the stairs I knock him out. I leave his body laying as no one will come into the tunnel for the remainder of the mission. I then make my way to the next guard and lure him with coins before knocking him out. The target will not see you when you are in the hallway moving toward him. Hug the left side of the wall as there is a camera when entering the room . The take the camera out when standing beside the lockers. Then I moved to the last guard in the area and knocked him out before he goes up the steps. Then I poke a hole in the gas/oil drum with the screw driver I took from the storage room and then turned off the generator and ran out of the targets site as he is an enforcer. You can then make your way to the exit there is one more camera at the top of the stairs that you knocked the last guard out at. The target will turn back on the generator and die in a fire. you can then exit the mission

So your saying the target needs to be in the second slot to complete the objective? Ill try this out and report back if it works!

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Well, I would like to inform everybody that it seems to be the case that the target needs to be put in second to any other body. I attempted it 3 times putting him in first just to test it, it wouldn’t work. I then completed the last two escalations no problem once I put one of his friends in first. Not sure what IOI did to break this, but it sure is a strange bug.


This is the solution indeed. Worked for me, too. Pro tip: stash a silenced shotgun in the consulate parking garage. It will be in a briefcase in the room with the container you need to use.

Yes, I have the same problem!

I just tested it and the suggested solution of putting the dead guy in second works. Odd.

I was experiencing the same bug and I can confirm that the solution @Folklore provided works. Make sure it’s the second body you place in the container and the objective should complete.