The Isle Of Sgail—Love it, like it, or hate it?

I think it’s pretty clear that Sgail is one of the most divisive maps in the game. Personally I love it to death. Even though the targets are somewhat limited, I think it encourages the player to try new methods to take them out. Suit only it’s limited however. I love the climbing everywhere, I love the disguises, I love the mission stories, I love the music, I love the themes, I love the atmosphere, I love the role the constant plays, it’s all amazing besides the suit only. I’m sorry if this thread shouldn’t exist but I think there should be some discussion threads for each locations and I thought to start with the one with the most differing opinions


Depends on the mood. But definitely first time I walked into the place I was impressed more by the “exclusively bizarre” quality of it all.


i like this map. then again, i like all the maps in HITMAN other than hawke’s bay


i like it. map is good, mission is meh


Yeah I’d agree but I’d scale everything up. Map is amazing mission is good/ok

I like it, blast to play in, fun costumes, and fiery deaths.

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Sgail is probably my favorite map in Hitman 2, and between the two games IMO is second only to Sapienza. Unfortunately the mission is a little bit artificially restrictive and less open ended because of the nature of the location’s security (super high-profile targets and NPCs).

I wish there were more options for Suit Only in Sgail as well but that’s just my opinion. I think required disguises is a cheap way to add difficulty to a mission. That being said, I feel that some of the opportunities are quite clever but have the same problems as previous missions. As one example, I wish you could get Block to go to the meeting by doing an action which delays a cycle and gives you an opportunity to sneak past security as they escort Block to the meeting.


I’d like to have been able to make the MC go out on his own and perform the wicker man process.

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It’s not that I hate it, it’s more like… Not a map I want to play in if I have a choice. And I feel like it has by far the worst/least interesting SASO run out of any Hitman/2 map.

The map is my favorite. That start on top of the keep never fails to impress me.
The mission that takes place in it is less interesting though, I mainly love it for custom contracts. The main mission has uninteresting targets and the scripted events are all quite silly.


I like sgail, it’s fun. Far from amazing though

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Not my favorite map… But I started to appreciate the richness of the “hidden paths” in this map. Climbing pipes and walking on cornices to reach specific locations without arousing suspicion with a specific disguise or suit is a funny challenge.

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Definitely love it! Unique atmosphere!

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I like the map but the targets are bad especially Zoe, she does not have good movement but the ambience of this map is unique and go all the way to the top of the map (in the glass room) is really very difficult, so reaching it is very satisfying . :+1:

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Like it. Quite an original location design and setting.

Two seasons in a row HITMAN has managed to do a final level that reads as “And Now For Something Different”.

I was originally fearing that we’d go back to a “Kill them all! SWAT is coming for you!” Mission.

I’m much happier with Hokkaido and Sgail.

One of my favorite maps. Love the unique map design, the athmosphere, sounds and music.
But the main mission is pretty lame. Especially Sophia is a boring target with only a very few triggers to get her outside of her normal path. Zoe is a much better designed target with lot’s of usefull triggers and a medium good path for kill opportunities (Also Suit Only).

I highly recommend to give this map a try in contracts mode. The map itself has a very good design. Once you learned how important places are connected to each other and how secured rooms are accesable with climbing paths and hidden doors through catacombs, this map is very enjoyable.

Two things would improve Sgail imo in therms of exfiltration:
-Make the hand flare a permanent unlock (for the Keep Helicopter Exit)
-Once you have done the “Swan Exit” Challenge, this Exit becomes permanent with any disguise


At first I hated it (probably down to getting used to navigating around it), but I must admit after playing It over and over i’ts grown on me. Still doesn’t come into my top 3 locations though.

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I’m glad escorting the constant is optional though. Can you imagine having to do that boring shit every time


I don’t hate it but it’s far from my favorite.

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