The JigSAW Room

Recently I been rewatching the SAW movies, it made me think of a little…Game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Let me know if anyone is interested, just throwing it out there. Cheers!



One person at a time. Creates a game for others to play. You set the game, instructions, time frame etc…

Once/if the person succeeds, they would then take on the role of “Jigsaw” However, if the person fails (that person is banned from this thread for an entire YEAR!! :skull: (Aka: Death) then the original “Jigsaw” creates another game for somebody else.


If a person successfully completes a “game” by “JigSAW” the new “JigSAW” can’t automatically make the previous “JigSaw” a victim (for this turn at least)

Examples of “Games” include;

  • Tough Love: “Jigsaw” chooses (@) one member. Whoever is picked must reply with anything (at least 20 Characters) then that person must receive 10 LIKES on their reply within 1 Day (24 hrs) Failure results in “death”

  • Tag: “Jigsaw” @ any member (only 1) that person must @ “Jigsaw” back within 1 Day (24 hrs) failure results in “death”

  • Walk of Shame: “Jigsaw” @ any member. Whoever is chosen, that person must post a photo of themselves doing whatever “Jigsaw” requests. Failure to comply with in 1 Day (24 hrs) results in “death” (photo obviously has to abide by forum guidelines. Keep it clean!)

  • Hangman: We all know how this is played. “Jigsaw” chooses the player (@) only one. Then play your traditional hangman game (please no interruptions from other members during this time)

  • Scavenger Hunt: "Jigsaw @ 1 member. “Jigsaw” requests a series of photos (no more than 10) that must be obtained from the internet and posted in a reply within a certain time frame by the chosen member.

Examples; photo of a Scissors, a Dog, a Cat, etc. literally, anything! Whatever “Jigsaw” demands, you post those photos within the time frame he gives.

  • Screengrab: “Jigsaw” posts a screenshot from any movie and whoever Jigsaw chooses (@) is the only one who can answer (again, please no interruptions at this time)

  • Lifeline: “Jigsaw” @ 1 member, along with 5 others (The very first person for this game is the “victim.” The other 5 have nothing to worry about) so in this game, whoever “Jigsaws” victim is; must reply (at least 20 characters) then within the time frame “Jigsaw” gives, those other 5 members must either @ themselves OR like your post within the time frame given.

  • Sacrifice: “Jigsaw” (@) one member (the victim) Along with 2 (random) others. The victim must choose 1 of the two. Whoever they pick (save) the other “dies” if the victim don’t choose one within the time frame given (all 3 of you are “dead”) and that “Jigsaw” creates another “game”

  • Emoji Riddler: Solve a riddle; a title of a movie or video game, famous quote, a person, etc…using only EMOJIS (no limit.) However, you must specify the “category” of the riddle.)

  • Trivial Pursuit: “Jigsaw” asks a series of trivia questions to victim in a post (no more than 10 questions) questions can be about anything at all. The person that “Jigsaw” (@) must answer all questions correctly. Failure results in “death.”

So as you can see, ideas for “games” are limitless, I’m sure we will think of more as time goes on and that’s totally fine! (I’m counting on it) so you don’t have to use the examples above. But if you do choose a new kind of game, please be very clear on the rules and remember only 1 (@) person at a time!



@AGENT4T7 599458-vengador-punisher-1989-critica-pelicula-dolph-lundgren I bet if you can figure this one out! >:)

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Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t know if a time frame was set, but… The Punisher (1989 one)??

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Oh my God, I never thought anybody would remember that movie :’)
P.S: great idea for a forum game.


And the time frame, I didn’t set it. Sorry.

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Haha thank you very much. And no problem, it worked out in my favor I suppose lol But I only know the movie (the 1989 version) because of my dad, so… thanks dad! :joy:

Now… I want to play a little game :smiling_imp:

Same reason why I know the movie :stuck_out_tongue:
Set the rules when you want! :slight_smile:

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The victim: @Vinnie_Sinistra

You hide behind the tears of a clown, now I will have the last laugh. You serve the people who once protected you, poisoned donuts and mistreated your wife. It’s no wonder she had an affair. But now, justice will be served for those that you have wronged. However, I will give you something you never gave any of them… a chance…

So, this is the game…

I want you to go on a little scavenger hunt, and hopefully while doing so, you will also find your true self… you have exactly 24 hours (starting now) to post me photos of the following…

(Some will require screenshots, others photos from the internet)

  • A Basketball Ball
  • A photo of the DVD “Uncle Buck”
  • A screenshot of the donuts from Hitman Blood Money.
  • A box of “Hot & Spicy” Cheez-Its
  • A mousetrap
  • A Red bicycle
  • A photo of a single silver fork
  • An ACTUAL selfie of yourself picking your nose
  • A photo of the white owl from Harry Potter

And finally… the one that will show me your true will to live…

  • A screenshot of your wife (dead. I want to see blood) from Hitman Blood Money (A New Life) :smiling_imp:

You brought this on yourself, now you will suffer the consequences. You have 24 hours. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


The dead wife part was brutal. :c

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Welcome to my playground :smiling_imp:

Justice should be harsh. Especially for those who denied it to others! Hahaha

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The time is coming near, my friend…



Oh crap, r.i.p Vinnie :'c






Holy shit, I’m done!! :joy::joy::joy:

That photo of Vinnie picking his nose lmao technically, it was supposed to be YOU, but seeing how unbelievably fucking genius that was… I’m gonna let it slide!
Touché and the mouse trap! :rofl:

Congratulations, my friend… you have successfully completed “the game” cut it a bit close, but you came out victorious… BRAVO

Btw, are most of those photos actually you? or ones you got from the internet? Because if they really are you, way to go the extra mile! And you actually killed your wife, with YOUR OWN gun, no less! You savage!!!

Your turn, “Jigsaw”

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It actually is me. I fail to see the issue here.


Ha… you’re indeed a sly one. :smirk:

Nevertheless, you have succeeded!

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Someone else go. I’ve done enough work here.


Very well…

You may be small, but people say you have a big heart. We shall see if others are as generous in “sharing the love” to YOU, as you are in sharing it to so many others… so here is the game, my dear…

You have precisely 24 hours to receive 10 Likes on the next post YOU WILL make (it may be anything, but be wise what you say, they may be your last words :smiling_imp:

The timer will start when you make the post. Good luck.


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I LOVE that scene so damn much!!

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