The kashmirian's Laptop Dongle

Something i noticed today is that if you start in the Mumbai Chawls, go upstairs and K.O. the Kashmirian he only drops the key to his apartment but not the laptop dongle. if you start on the street (the default starting location) and go K.O. him he drops both items.

Sounds like a glitch.

The dongle is on the table next to the chair you sit on at the Mumbai Chawls start location, when using the Mumbai Chawls starting location.


Not a glitch, it has been like this since launch.


I wonder why it’s like this. It certainly makes the starting location more valuable as you can directly interact with the laptop, but I still don’t see how altering the game world like that makes sense.

Unless Kasmirian starts in his house, and quickly picks up the dongle and walks to his sniper nest, but starting at his house causes him to spawn upstairs???