The Kotti Paradigm, getting to the third floor

In part 3 of the escalation, you’re supposed to kill someone on the third floor, but you’re not allowed to do any agility (so no climbing, vaulting, climbing down, jumping down). As far as I know there’s only two paths to the third floor without any climbing and thats the two stairs, each guarded by 2 bodyguards. How would I get the axe up there?

that’s the whole point of playing it. to figure it out.


Basement staircase, go down to go up my friend

Unfortunately, the basement staircase only takes you to the second floor. This is where I am having the problem, the second floor to the third floor.

Ah yes sorry. I have the walkthrough on my youtube if you’re interested

Really? Sorry but that doesn’t sound fun to me.

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“47, you hopped a fence, the client is gonna be very unhappy. Abort mission, your in serious trouble now!”


Suit guards can carry heavy weapons; due to weird programming, the axe is classified by the AI the same as an assault rifle. Thus, be a suit guard, walk the axe up, drop it, switch back to your suit, pick up axe, profit.

Come on man don’t be a dick- if you come to the forums about a challenge you’re not interested in solving it yourself- you’re frustrated and just want to know how to finish the damn thing.


I decided that the reason they’re allowed to carry an axe is that they’re expected to pick up any weapons they find and take them to one of the designated safe space boxes scattered around the level, so anyone who sees you carrying an unusual weapon is just thinking what a great job you’re doing removing abandoned weapons.

I will concede, however, that the watertightness of this theory is slightly compromised by the failure of AI guards to pick up melee weapons they find lying around. It’s possible though that Ether and Cicada have different training programs for firearm disposal and medieval weaponry retrieval.

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Ahhhh had no idea- thanks for the heads up! I thought it was a bug because of the dialog triggers that occur when you’re walking around with an axe- guards won’t arrest you, but they’ll say things like “put that gun away” and “hey man point that thing somewhere else”

Trigger a Fire alarm…guards move around to investigate. That should work…I haven’t played that escalation yet, though.

This was my not so perfect walkthrough, but it gives you a good idea of one of the ways to do it.

you can do it SA/SO but it’s hard…so many ways to do it

I get to the third floor via the staircase where the bodyguards frisk you. With one little trick: as you walk into the room, chuck the battle axe on to the stairs. Here’s the part of my SASO run where I do it

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I did it just like that. Hid behind the statue and tossed the axe behind their backs :slight_smile:

damn smart! I’m gonna try that

I know it’s been a long time since this thread was last used but you can also use an explosive item to catapult it up to the third floor. Risky, but stylish.

And I also feel that for the second target most people use the basement staircase, but you can just throw the battle axe on to the car to lure the Sheikh to the parking lot. Much easier.

I don’t know if the is the most recent thread, but on this escalation I figured out how to get the sheik to come down stairs. The woman was easy.
But now, you have to get Dalia’s assistant who is on the third floor.

I thought I could throw the axe up to the second. I never thought of using an explosive though to launch it.
I know you can’t jump, climb, hang, etc. so you can’t take the axe that way.

I can’t remember now if this one lets you pacify someone or not.

or you can just throw the axe past the frisk guards, then get frisked and walk up.