The Lack of Mission Story Fallbacks


So… one of my biggest problems with “Three Headed Serpent” is the lack of fallbacks in the Mission Stories.

What do I mean with this? Well, Mission Stories, as a rule involve some key disguise you need to wear. For instance the Flamingo in The Finishline, or the nurse in Another Life.

A Mission Story fallback is the ability to get the story to play out, at least in part, without wearing the key disguise.
An example is giving the car keys to the Flamingo, or scaring the ducks that the nurse is feeding.

Some missions in H2 have one or a couple of these (for instance the Finishline), some have a lot of them (like Chasing a Ghost).As far as I can tell, Three Headed Serpent has none. Maybe I’m missing something? Can P-Power, the sub-engineer, the hippie or the witch doctor be made to do something on their own?
OK, so maybe the hippo wrangler is one… but that’s a small comfort. I really want to see P-Power head in by himself, or something to do with the hippie. :confused:

I would be happy with something smaller as well. For instance, when I saw Franco call to check if the hippie had arrived, for a while I thought I could be on the other end of the line and tell him yes (think the walkie talkie in A House Built on Sand). But nothing.

Any ways, I wanted to rant a bit about this, as it’s one of the big things that keeps Three Headed Serpent from climbing to the top of my list of missions at the moment.

You guys have opinions on this? Maybe you’ve found a way to make stuff like this happenin Colombia? (I would love to know)

Added by Edit:
I think this might be more noticable in Three Headed Serpent than in, say, Finishline because you’re presented with situations that feel like the should have fallbacks. P-Power is just nervous for instance, and you can talk to him as the bartender. Feels like you should be able to talk him into it.
The hippie just needs glue. You have glue. Well… you get the idea.

How about Jebadiah Block?

They should definintely make it possible to make hippie go to the drug lab just like you can poison Reza in Morocco.


I did not and realized how unusual that is now. I could try and KO all guards around the Shaman and see if I can make him report a gun in the house the female target is waiting for him. (Yes I did not learn all names yet, I am bad at this)


There are 3 known ways to perform the story of Hector’s Love Letter.

And I haven’t seen others do my version of the Statue Unveiling story.


Suppose I didn’t think about that one since it doesn’t involve a disguise. Three though? I can think of two. I guess it’s three if you count delivering the package.

Please explain. Sounds interesting. :slight_smile:


Well what changed for me was minor. I’ve done two versions of the finish:

  1. Rico Delgado pulls the Statue down on himself while 47 himself plays the drumroll.
  2. 47 abandons the band while Rico is waiting for the Drumroll. 47 blows up the Statue Foundation to send the Statue crashing onto Rico Delgado while Rico is ordering him to go back and play the Drumroll.

The version I always see is 47 pushing the statue down while leaving the band early. In my version I hang around for most of the Statue Unveiling.


It must also be noted I watched videos after I had done it… I was surprised I didn’t see my version in them.


I did your version the first - and only - time I played that mission story. It’s possible to drop it on the woman too, and hopefully on both together.

One guide talked about waking the sleeping musicians as though you can wake the drummer rather than just finding him dead.


I did both together but I’m pretty sure my version of that variant is unusual.


Probably is. Unless she comes onstage again if the event is allowed to run naturally, you’ve only got seconds to pull it off.


I will post video of my version. It involved coin lures and Andrea yelling at Rico Delgado! Lol!

Rico: “Ok! OK! I’ll pick it up!” :laughing:

Actually related to @Kent 's concern I was ironically going to start a thread called “Screw the Manual” - post videos of how you finished Mission Stories or Opportunities in ways the game did not intend. :laughing:


The Ark Society actually has the same problem, all the mission stories that involve secondary NPCs cannot be done without wearing the correct disguise


In Mumbai, I was able to complete two major mission stories without wearing the appropriate disguise. It seems like it is possible.


The hippie one stood out to me as well. I was actually looking forward to hear him say something about the universe arranging for the toy to repair itself or some other drug-addled line of dialogue.


Yeah. I think Santa Fortuna would be much improved if you could radio Andrea to head to the construction site, Jorge to head to the caverns, or Rico to go to the submarine without actually wearing the Shaman, Hippie, or Sub Engineer disguises. Miami is full of so many triggers that it seems like they learned a lot from season 1’s target routing. But Santa Fortuna feels a lot more like Marrakesh, which was heavily criticized for having targets that were very separated and had tight little routes unless you wear a disguise and kick off an opportunity.


Huh. I remember it is possible put a normal cocain brick where the souvenir is put and this cause Franco to go to the cavern to taste the product.


Couldn’t point my finger at what was wrong with Santa Fortuna. This is it.


Yep, when I first saw hippy, I was sure I could make him go himself. Missed opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:


Sumo Digital did well with the map design for Santa Fortuna and Isle of Sgàil, but I certainly agree that this is an issue that should be addressed for both.

For Mission Stories in the Legacy maps, would like to see Rocco actually rock up to work in Villa Caruso’s kitchen. It’d make good use of the NPC switching to new outfit mechanic too.


So I tested this, and what worked for me is putting the souvenir there (not dressed as the hippie).
But it doesn’t make any sense, Jorge just magically knows. There’s no radioing in or any of that.

Really, the guard who radios to Jorge that you’re on your way when you go the hippie route, should be carrying a walkie talkie, and you should be able to use it.