The Lack of Mission Story Fallbacks


There was something nagging me about this mission, and I now realize this is it. The Mumbai and Miami missions offer so much more flexibility by comparison.

I get why the P-Power story doesn’t have a fallback, since the benefit is you gaining access to a highly restricted area, not drawing a target out into the open. And maybe the same can be said about the sub engineer and hippie. But the Shaman story and bringing Martinez to the Construction site is something that should be doable without doing it yourself.


I remember playing the Colombia mission the first time, and encountering a problem where, after tampering with the submarine, the target came to inspect it, then talked to a non-existent person, and walked off again. Then it turned out I was meant to be wearing a specific disguise first to make the scenario work correctly. The game has some issues with players taking different paths for specific opportunities.


Huh. You mean that I cannot put the normal cocain brick, only the souvenir one? I must be mistaken it to the easter egg.


Heretic! Rocco thinks to big to be a kitchen assistant.

But yeah at least make the hippie take the brick to Franco, I can understand needing to be the head engineer for the submarine (I mean all the game’s best dialogue is if you are 47) or not having the shaman turn up automatically since it is suggested that the Taita dislikes the power/drug plant.


The first of these is the one that the Mission Story orders you to make: it asks you to loosen the statue before Rico gets there. The second of these is required in order to get the challenge that has you kill Rico and Andrea with the statue at the same time. So I consider these two kills the ones that the game explicitly asks for.


I think, to me the important part is that the lack of fallback needs to make sense in the game world, not from a gameplay perspective.
Viewed this way, the Shaman is more or less the only one that makes sense, as he doesn’t want to go and there’s no implied way you could change his mind.
Contrast this with the others:

  • P-Power is nervous, but you can talk to him as the bartender. The bartender = therapist trope is strong enough that I would’ve thought you could’ve helped his anxiety and made him go.
  • The hippie just needs the souvenir to not be broken. If he finds it repaired, why wouldn’t he noticed that? And why wouldn’t 47 be able to give him his needed glue?
  • A guard is at the sub engineer’s home to fetch him. I instantly thought I could dress as the guard to get him, or trick him out so that the guard sees him. Neither works.


How would P-power gaining access to the mansion grounds help you in your mission though? He’s not going to kill Delgado for you, and it wouldn’t get you closer to Rico in any way.


Dude it could be Frasier effing Crane behind the bar I still would not want to apply a needle to Rico Delgardo.

Also the submariner would notice if the engine limiter has been tampered with. It would be the first thing he would check. He would also stop the engine before the sub would fall off the rig. Also we would miss out on the submersible party bus line


It would isolate him in a room with PP. You can climb up the pipe into his bathroom and then you’d be able to lure PP there and kill Rico while he’s alone if that was possible.


But why? That seems very counter intuitive he is already alone if you are dressed up as P-Power


It would change Rico’s route. That is more than enough. But even if that’s not the case, the point is within the context of the game it seems like you would be able to do this. If he’s not gonna go I would prefer it if this isn’t the case.

I wanna point out that Colombia isn’t alone in this type of problem though. In Mumbai, for instance, the guy coming to get the tailor has a line about “only the royal guard would be able to go in and get him”, at which point I returned as royal guard.
Doesn’t work.

Colombia is just the main offender in my opinion.


It manipulates NPC pathing. (not just Rico, but his wife and some guards). That’s always interesting. It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t do anything with it.

But one cool thing could be a suit only run where you jump into the bathroom (through the window) where Rico checks his tattoo after it’s fixed.


I didn’t know he goes to check his tattoo in the mirror. The tattoo gun kill is to awesome for me to ignore.

Truth be told I only want the hippie to deliver the brick to Franco. I don’t see many changes occurring if the others auto showed up to necessitate a change but that is just me.


Or poison the tattoo ink, Rutger Van Leuven style :smiley:
Yes, can’t be against any of those possibilities, but it’s not new to H2. Even the critically acclaimed Paris doesn’t have the Showstopper girl trying to go up to the auction herself, or a waiter mixing the Bare Knuckle Boxer for you.


I have made the point here that a big problem is that it seems within the context of the game like you should be able to get them to perform these actions.
A huge part of what I love in Hitman is to be able to ask myself the question “I wonder if this is possible” and for the game to answer “Yes”
In my opinion, if the devs didn’t want these NPCs to act out these paths they should’ve removed the context that makes it seem possible, so that I wouldn’t ask myself if it’s possible.

  • Give the hippie and his friend slightly changed dialog. Like, “Couldn’t you glue it together?”, “No, that might ruin the taste test, and I don’t know what he’d do to me if that happened. I don’t dare try that”
  • Put P-Power somewhere else, like the hostel, or sitting out in front of the town square.
  • Don’t have a guard try to fetch the engineer.

I’d prefer it the other way but at least this way doesn’t leave me frustrated with what seems like possibilities within the game where the door is shut in my face when I try them out.


You can do that suit only, for example.


I know Kent responded in kind and I concurred.


I agree at least some dialogue although the hippie does say something about the taste test being skewed I believe.


Yes, but then he continues to look/ask for glue. :confused:


Maybe Torres is so fried, his brain is stuck in an infinite loop.:exploding_head: