The Lack of Mission Story Fallbacks


Ugh. So few backup plans in this map.

Jorge’s sample (which causes him to walk away and find another one)… can it really only be destroyed by manually approaching the machine and destroying it? No sniping it from afar? No overcharging the machine’s power supply from the outside to fry it? No causing something to fall down onto the hut and through the roof? No nothing?

I really thought sniping it from here would work. But it doesn’t. Unless I’m missing something. (you can take aim on it through the window of the hut but the shots either don’t pierce the window or have no effect on the sample/machine.

Maybe it’s a bug, and it’s supposed to be possible to shoot it? The angle on the window is so tight from here that it seems intentional.

So disappointing.


It is possible have you added your complaint to th thread?. I understand not having the powerbox fry it since Jorge is not stupid enough to leave something so precious on an easy to access and exposed power point


Especially when he ASKS for some lol


Today I got super excited only to be let down again. I was on isle of sgail, and I blended in at one of the bar tables. A few sips of wine later, someone announced it was time to move to the courtyard bc the ceremony was about to begin!!! Nearly all of the guest NPCs went towards the money pit. I went with, and still nothing happened.


Have you tried it with the Lancer or the SVD?


Weird. Maybe the MoC is meant to be scripted to finally perform the ritual, but the scripting is broken? (probably not, but I can dream, can’t I?)


Yeah I had the same thing happen. Got excited, walked down to the ceremony with everyone and realised that actually nothing happens after that. It seems that at some point, the ceremony was probably going to start on its own?


This is mildly related, but you can make the fire ceremony opportunity progress to a certain point without ever having to disguise as the MoC.

Throwing the Big One firework into the money pit in any disguise will fire it up and trigger Zoe to go near the statue. Once she gets there she will stand and wait around for the MoC, if you’re not disguised as him she will scold Phenyger for not showing up, and an Ark member will notify the public that there are some problems with the ceremony. Since Phenyger can’t be manipulated into doing the ceremony by himself, the show will not happen, and Zoe will then return to her normal cycle without ever entering the statue.

This sorta counts as a fallback to the normal mission story, I guess. Using this method you could kill her by putting a propane tank where she stands and then shoot it, but unfortunately you can’t kill her with the statue this way.


I totally agree with all the points you made.
When i found out you can see the sample from where you stand with a sniper rifle, i was like “nice what a great design”, just to found out you can only overheat it (Makes no sense, takes away a good Suit Only Kill Opportunity for Franco)

The Hippi is the most lost opportunity. There should be four cannon ways with four different outcomes when you give the hippy glue. Examples:

1) You poison the bus with emetic poison:
Franco is going to puke. The hippi notice that and will be afraid and start running away and try to hide from Franco (Animation like Targets in Holiday Hoarders). After puking Franco leaves the caves/coca field to search for the hippi.
2) You poison the bus with sedative poison:
Hippi gets busted and executed by Franco.
3) You poison the bus with lethal poison:
Nothing happens, Hippi is sad and goes to a lonley place and sits there (Like Sato when you ko’d him and he wakes up)
4) You don’t poison the bus:
Franco is happy and goes to Rico to report it. Franco gives the hippy a key/objective. Hippi goes back to the hostel and reports to his mate how good the deal worked. This key/objective can be used to trigger Andrea and all three targets will meet together.


Imagine you can do “Hero of Santa Fortuna” simply by waiting 5 hours. :joy:


You can kill her with the statue this way. Just lure her to the purple part of statue-floor and shoot it, she will die by fire accident. You can also shoot the torch with a sniper rifle (from the nearby tower start) to ignite the money and then snipe her unnoticed when she stands there to wait for the ceremony to begin :wink:


That is not a problem at all.
No developer should involve players, experienced or not in level design.
They take feedbacks/surveys from the community though.


I think it’s much more an issue that lies with Sumo Digital’s approach to design as opposed to lack of test feedback and player input. Or simply, limited development resources/time.

Without doubt, they have improved heaps since Colorado, but they’re also one step behind IO when it comes to a level’s full package.

For example: 47 not paying coin (from inventory) to obtain glue from the second-level shop in Santa Fortuna, even though such a gameplay mechanic exists, seems like quite the oversight. Another one I’d argue is the abundance of tedious exit point challenges too, IO were smart to remove those for their main track levels in H2, leaving only those requiring some discovery effort behind.


this and isle of sigail. they started doing more and more of this in Patient Zero but I guess the budget cuts really hurt this


nah, most likely just different design philosophy between IO and SUMO


Perhaps these things can still all be added to the game. We have tons of time before S3. How about it @Travis_IOI? Can you get your buds to add in some fallbacks for the hippi and the MOC and a maybe a few others?


I sincerely doubt IO will put in any new gameplay in the existing maps, it would be work for free. Didn’t happen in season 1 either.

I’d love for it to happen obviously, but I think the chance is really low.


@Fortheseven was giving wrong feedbacks all along. Next time you should go to Copenhagen.


Sure, if thinking that makes you happy


I feel like poisoning to bus and let the hippie deliver it, would make the whole thing a bit too easy. Kind of like when you poison Ken Morgan. There’s no risk and no challenge, except for subduing on guy for the glue.