The Lack of Mission Story Fallbacks


Oh, really? I didn’t have the patience to see it through, haha.

But seriously, having just played through the situations in Mumbai having fallbacks is so much fun. They provide an entirely new way to play, and roleplay.


The thing that’s grating is that P-Power feels like an important character, but he does absolutely nothing throughout the mission. If you would replace him with a neatly folded stack of clothes, the mission would play exactly the same. Stuff like that should be avoided.


The mission stories definitely just feel like they were put there to pander to people who are new to H2, on most missions I’ve had no feeling of depth from them. 47’s the puzzle piece that slots in too perfectly, it doesn’t feel natural sometimes.


Chief to all this is what Kent has said… Shen they are not there, they should be explained. Maybe P Power can talk to 47 and express that he’s way to fucking scared to go. Ok, now I know why he won’t go. Hippi… no reason he can’t get glue from us or even on his own. No timer needed. Perhaps you have to tell him that you saw glue at the store to set it in motion.


One possible additional configuration to P-Power’s Mission Story is:

A TV Crew and rented van is present in Santa Fortuna covering P-Power’s Colombian adventure as part of a “Famous Tattoos in Infamous Places” reality TV show. That includes a TV Producer and a Cameraman and shoulder-mounted Camera. Dexy Barat is also on location. This team is on the mountain street (near the Shaman’s part of the map). P-Power apparently went on ahead to try and soothe his nerves at the bar. But it isn’t working.

As in the current version, P-Power, at the bar, calls Dexy Barat and tries to tell her to talk the “Head of Programming” to call off the episode because he’s scared of Rico Delgado. This is btw somewhat based on real limits imposed on shows like FEAR FACTOR. The host can try to call something off if they think it’s too dangerous or something.

Dexy tries to phone the Head of Programming but the line is always busy… after all… He’s the Head of Programming.

This is an initial infinite loop. So it is nearly identical in state to what we have now.

If 47 hangs around Dexy. He will learn that Dexy has problems remembering the name of the “Head of Programming” or even what he looks or sounds like. She simply has his number under “Head of Programming”.

Dexy occasionally leaves her phone lying around in the van either on the front seat or in the back while she frets about the episode going down the toilet.

47 can buy a cheap phone at one of the shops in Santa Fortuna. 47 can then enter the number into Dexy’s phone replacing “Head of Programming”. (Note: Costs 1 Coin. There are at least 5 coins within easy reach around Santa Fortuna village, including one in the bar where P-Power can first be found)

47 can also rig the camera with an explosive.

If 47 has managed to replace the number in Dexy’s phone he must be far away (beyond sound hearing range) for when Dexy makes her next call to avoid being caught.

Note: 47 can also drop the Cheap Phone in a safe place and just race back to pick up the Cheap Phone when Dexy rings it if the timing somehow becomes too tight.

47 will then claim he is Head of TV Programming. Dexy will sound confused, but because admittedly she doesn’t have very good memory she won’t suspect a thing unless 47 is within hearing range of her during this event. 47 will force the issue and tell Dexy that “If you can’t get this episode done then I’ll make sure you never work in this town again.”

Dexy then makes one more final call to P-Power that forces him to go.

The Cameraman will be activated to go with P-Power to the Delgado Mansion.

Additional details:

  1. 47 can also impersonate the Cameraman by way-laying him while he is on the way to meet P-Power or by actually KO-ing him early on and then hiding away before impersonating the Head of TV Programming.

  2. 47 can rig the TV Camera with an explosive.

  3. Whenever the trip to Delgado mansion is activated for the Cameraman, he will always momentarily set the camera on the ground and urinate in the nearby bushes right at the gates of Delgado Mansion. He will do this only once before the P-Power can use the Door Knocker. If 47-as-P-Power uses the Door Knocker early, the urinating is cancelled.

  4. 47-as-P-Power can either perform the Mission Story as currently designed (walking straight up to Delgado Mansion). Or use P-Power’s Phone to tell Dexy to say: “I’m Ready”. Dexy will say: “Wow… you sound different. Stronger.” 47 then quips: “You should see me now. I look like a changed man.” This will result in the Cameraman coming to 47. Combined with the aforementioned urinating gag, 47 can then rig an explosive into the Camera just before using the door knocker.

  5. 47 can sabotage the Tattoo Machine to kill Rico Delgado when P-Power uses it. Warning: P-Power will be arrested and escorted to the torture room in the basement where he will be killed soon after this. It will count as an NTK.

  6. The Cameraman tends to follow Rico Delgado around during the Tattoo work, much to the irritation of all involved, but they don’t harm the Cameraman.

  7. Rico Delgado will always send the bodyguard away just as he currently does.

  8. Rico Delgado will take a bathroom break in the middle of the tattoo session. The Cameraman always unwittingly follows Rico Delgado into the bathroom where Rico will do a double take and yell at him.

Additional Alternative - The Cameraman Takes Charge:

47 as the Cameraman can offer to scout ahead (without using the Head of Programming phone call gag). The TV Producer will agree. 47 can then persuade P-Power to accompany him “just up to the gates”… Offering to “go in first to make sure it’s safe”. P-Power will go with 47-as-Cameraman, use the Door Knocker and explain that the Cameraman will check the place first. 47-as-Cameraman will be sent up the same route as P-Power but if 47 stays in Rico’s office too long and doesn’t go back to fetch P-Power Rico Delgado will become suspicious. Otherwise 47 can assure P-Power is safe and P-Power proceeds as if given the order by Dexy.


So, I’ve been thinking here, not all opportunities in Santa Fortuna are completely static. There is an exception – the hippo guy. If player makes throws meat into the water the hippo guy would bring Delgado into the pit. So, why this one is an exception?

Here’s my hypothesis: if opportunity is designed to lure target out into some specific area then all possible solutions must bring player into the same area. Bringing Delgado to the hippo requires you to get to the hippo yourself. The same principle applies to the “Broad strokes”, you can’t trigger painter without being aware of painter’s set up and general location.

If we apply the same rules to Tattoo, Submarine and Souvenir routes, then all possible fallbacks must be accessible only after the player learned about location of Delgado’s cabinet, Submarin, and Lab in the cave. Otherwise it would be possible for players to send their targets into new areas without actually knowing what they are doing.

It is easy for us to shoot ideas, since we are already familiar with the layout of all levels. But IO’s task is much harder. They have to create big open ended environments where any route could potentially work as someone’s first take on the level.


You can argue that this is part of the game. 47 using charlatan skills to make people go where they presume he knows except he’s just “going along with them”.

I definitely charlatan-ed my way through the Phoenix Ceremony in Isle of Sgail just by tailing the other guys up the stairs…

Zoe: “Let’s get this show on the road!”

Me: "uh… right… I got this… " (WHAT THE FECK AM I DOING??!)


I was sure the hippie suit-only route would work, if he saw the souvenir fixed, but now I’m disappointed.
I really wanted to see a way to get Andrea to the construction site, suit-only, since there are several ways to kill her at that location. It seems natural because there are multiple ways to kill her, so multiple ways to get her there, to balance it, so it’s not always the jungle wiseman disguise to begin the run.

I don’t think all hope is lost for editing these mission stories as they are probably going to make extra versions of these missions in some of the locations just like season 1 so they may edit them yet.


“The World of Assassination is Always Evolving”.

At least… that is one of the potentials of the current format.


So. apparently Jorge reacts to you shooting the flower in the hydroponics lab (but it seems like you have to shoot the flower and not just the machine it’s in), it just isn’t the reaction you’d want.

He runs to the lab and stays there looking at the flower for a really long time, then goes back to his regular path.


I actualy recently (a couple of weeks ago) found a decent enough fallback on this map.

You can start the submarine (without sabotaging it) either dressed as a regular sub worker, or in any disguise (including suit only) if you pacify/eliminate two NPCs that can spot you doing it.

Once the sub starts, a nearby guard will call Rico and he’ll come down. Obviously you can’t perform the actual sub kill on him this way, but you can intercept him before he reaches the sub and kill him.
I’m kind of happy with that.


You can also burn it via the prompt. Watch the video for the setup


Shoot the machine twice should do it too.

Huh, when I did that he went searching for the flower at the cliff.


I think this is way more prevalent and problematic in Sgial. Nothing at all happens without you initiating it in disguise.

Jebediah Block, Sophia to the Penthouse, Indiana Jones doing anything, Zoe heading to the fireshow or to the initiation, …

The map is great but interactions and path modifications are very limited unless you perform the mission stories yourself.


can’t you trigger the beginning of the fireshow suit only?


Hmm. Maybe it’s not consistent then. I’m gonna have to try it again.


Yeah you have to snipe the torch into the money pile


Didn’t know that, I thought it only works with the master of ceremony. But interesting to mess around with.
If you replace the master of ceremony by a rubber duck, the crowd will kneel in awe in front of the self ignited fire:


While this is cool, it does strike me as something that isn’t intended. First of all, it is far from consistent, and second (at least for me) there is no torch-falling-into-the-money animation. It strikes me as possibly unintentional, and at worst something that might be patched out.


You can really tell which levels were designed by Sumo Digital (?) It’s disappointing, especially on Sgail where a lot of the opportunites could have opened up new things - like Blake Nathaniel actually killing Sophia for you (if you edit their relationship to have been a bit more hostile). Like, seriously, surely they could have at least made Block go up if you speak to him as an Architect about the Titan project. Quite annoying at times.


I don’t think Blake is the type of guy who will kill someone in cold blood the game makes a point of showing that he is the more passive one also it kinda a robs you of the chance to kill her yourself.