The Lack of Mission Story Fallbacks


Yeah, I did just say that they’d have to rewrite their relationship a bit. And the Kashmirian Opportunities, arguably some of the best in the game, “rob” you of two of the three kills in Mumbai.

Considering that activating these seperate kills is optional, I hardly see how this is a concern.


Eh, I still think more effort is involved in getting both of them and then knocking him out and disguising yourself than him. Especially if you take it upon yourself to disguise yourself as both the artist and the foreman


Sure, and you can do it like that if you want to, or you can do it the other way. Having fallbacks makes the world seem a lot more alive and full of opportunities than having to do every single thing in the appropriate disguise.


I don’t if this counts as a fallback,but in my game Martinez eventually found the band member sleeping on a bench and woke him up herself. I don’t know if this is triggered or timed but thought I should share it


The main problem with the fallback for this opportunity to me is that it’s impossible to trigger the band by yourself without becoming the drummer, and it would be super easy if they just made the drummer not dead and allowed the band to play, and you could become any member of the band. Then you could trigger it without joining the band.


I agree with this post. Fallbacks should happen regardless of 47’s involvement or at least characters should be able to take care of themselves. I thought this was the route IOI were going when Paris came out for H1 since, despite taking forever, the night would eventually descend with fireworks no matter what.

Does seem a bit lazier on IOI’s part for not continuing this trend and instead forcing the player to nudge NPCs out of stagnation.