The Last of Us: Part II


yes bois


WOW. I thought it was a fake. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed the Last of Us 1.
The only thing I disliked more than anything was the multiplayer.


Multiplayer was tacked on and made in a week apparently. It’s horrible. Rather all effort into single player.


And then they tied trophies to it too :frowning2:


Lucky for me. I had a friend who explained me everything about how to keep surviving the tribes or what were there. @GTAJJ But indeed the online was horrible made. It was very similar to the Tomb Rider one. Even more ugly was that you needed some serious luck to find one online match in Veteran

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When is this out? I loved the first one so much, that singing was really beautiful too. I loved the fact she was singing over the corpse, I feel like I need to get the remaster now.

Yeah absolutely pathetic because it didn’t even rely on your performance but your teams. If you’re on a shit team, you kill loads of survivors and takes forever to regain. It felt like a Free to Play grind game mechanic.

Yeah definitely. If the rumour of it being made in a week from launch is true, then GG to them though.

Shawn Laydan said it’s a very very early development stage so expect a year or two.


2 years? Quite a long time. Oh well. I hope God of War will be out till October

Oh wow, that’s a really long time away then.

lol i never beat the first one cause i couldn’t find my way forward at the Colorado campus. right when you get off the horse at the end of the cutscene i am walking around trying to figure out what to do.

never picked it up since.

Yeah it is but going if Shawn is correct, it’s a fair judgement, weighting in time deadlines and buffer time for issues, setbacks.

You have to try and try and try till you get a solution. You should never give up.
Some missions are really easy once you discovered that perfect stealth path to take with out waking zombies.

Joel and Ellie are back! HYPED!!! :grinning:



Are you guys kidding me?! The Last of Us multiplayer is one of the best multiplayers I ever played. :sweat_smile:


Omg I’m freaking out – I love this

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I never played it, I heard mixed reviews of it. Do you get the multiplayer with the remaster?

Yes, I have the Remastered version and I loved the MP!

I heard you have to craft everything yourself or something. I like choosing a loadout and being ready to go if I’m honest.

Have you played the single player? The crafting system is similar: you collect rags, alcohol,… during the match, so you can basically craft molotov cocktails, bombs and shivs. You still get to pick a loadout.