The Look of Agent 47


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As of the Beta launch trailer the face now looks like this:


I am quite happy with the look and have no major complaints. It’s the best look of 47 to date in my opinion.

Below is my initial post for this thread, so that this longwinded debate is conserved in it’s entirety.

This is a naive attempt of mine to get the “47s face looks weird” type discussion into one thread instead of having it infecting all threads on the gameplay.

Just for the record: I do think 47 looks bad in the gameplay trailer. Not OK. Bad. I thought he looked better in the cinematic trailer. I don’t say this to be mean spirited or troll, I think most people who post in here know I only want the best for the franchise, and often defend the devs and their choices. This is just my honest opinion on the matter.

I can live with it if that’s what it turns out being, because in the end I care more about gameplay, but I would prefer:

  • A slightly bigger body frame. He looks like a marathon runner, and should look more like an olympic swimmer.
  • A bit stronger facial features. Stronger jawline, and so on.
  • Maybe 5 or even 10 years of extra age on there. No need to make him fifty, but he doesn’t even look 30 here, and that’s just too much for my tastes.

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Just for reference, a few pics of the face from the gameplay trailer as well as old Absolution pictures.

Of these I think the second picture is most clear. He looks so skinny and young and with no real strong defining facial features…

And a photoshop I did to illustrate what I think I’d like to see:

And as a finisher, to be clear, IO are still not done according to at least one employee:

So maybe this is still salvagable.

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Jonathan responded in this thread and he made it very clear that 47s look is a work in progress:

FIX TOBY'S FACE (New hitman face is a complete catastrophe)
Head of 47
Well, it looks like IO listened and DID fix his face
HITMAN: Official wallpaper
Hitman's eventual reboot or prequel

Thank you for creating a thread specific to this.

I’ll repost what I wrote in one of those other threads:

We get this great trailer (that included gameplay!) and you guys can only talk about 47’s face. For shame… :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, 47 in Absolution looked like an evil version of the lead singer from The Smashing Pumpkins. I actually prefer the way he looks in HITMAN. We need to be able to sense that he is cold and detached, but he can’t look ostensibly evil. He needs to blend in.


I can agree he doesn’t need to (and in fact shouldn’t) look straight up evil. But I do believe he should look like someone you wouldn’t want to necessarily mess with. Like someone who is hard and experienced. I don’t think large changes need to be made to be frank. But a little truly does do a lot sometimes.


Maybe you can add some pictures of his face in your post for new visitors? But I agree that his face looks wrong. He doesn’t look intimidating enough, and he has a tiny smile constantly. I prefer the "bad ass/intimidating look from Absolution. Not to forget the walking animation which was done almost perfectly in Absolution too.

Of course gameplay is the most important thing. But I have to say that 47s appearance and looks means a lot to me as well, it isn’t just a small thing for me. It’s the guy you play with and associate with while playing. He has to be convincing and you, as a player, need to feel the intimidating character he is.

A few pictures:


Thanks, I’ll add these to the original post.


Here’s the dissertation I posted in the other thread:

Okay, I’m gonna give some tough love right now.

Absolution had some great improvements over the rest of the series, was very well made, but it’s still probably the worst game in the series because there was terrible, nonsensical decision-making at each step of the creative process.

Absolution showed us that the people who made it had no idea what makes Hitman work. It was so bad on a basic conceptual level that I didn’t think the same personnel would be capable of making a good Hitman game no matter how many lessons they thought they learned from Absolution’s reception.

Clearly, IO has learned from its mistakes to an extent. I’m excited because everything in these trailers looks very good.

Except the face. True, the face isn’t a deal breaker in itself. Maybe not even a big deal. But it’s a canary in the coal mine. It’s so unnecessarily bad, it tells me that the same minds behind Absolution are working on this game.

It’s a move in the same spirit as the firing of David Bateson— this irrational urge to fix things that aren’t broken; to make the character more generic in a misguided attempt to attract a generic audience. It tells me that the developers again are only guessing about what’s important in a Hitman game.

The gameplay of Absolution was the most accessible gameplay yet. And while I didn’t like it, I could at least understand why IOI had gone in that direction. But 47’s new face seemingly has no motivation, except apparently IOI thinks the old face was detracting from the game… which means they’re very confused about something.

And honestly, we don’t have any reason to put much more faith in this game. Would anything in these trailers be exceptionally exciting if Absolution hadn’t missed the mark so badly? Basically we’re just excited for a supposed return to the classic formula. That’s a pretty low bar to clear.

I hate to be a pessimist but that’s my skeptical take, for now.


I like the gameplay trailer, but it didn’t explain full mechanics yet, so i’d be cautious with that.
What about “what’s wrong with 47’s face”? Answer to me is: Rupert Friend is. I speculate that Hollywood caused those changes and if IOI (i hope not) has signed agreement with Hitman: Agent 47’s creators - there’s nothing IOI can change now.


Here’s a really quick photoshop job I did that I think illustrates the type of change I’d like to see, I gave him a more square jaw, a slightly wider neck and shoulders:

Maybe years don’t have to be added per se, as long as the face and body looks a bit stronger.


As a person who thought all the old faces felt just a bit too heightened to take seriously, I greatly prefer this one. I think it could be tightened up a bit technically, but I don’t want the general style to change.

I also like the new build: lithe rather than bulky, feels like he was intended to look like a panther.

Everything about this new design seems to me more inconspicuous, efficient, and restrained, and I think it embodies aesthetically the feel of the mechanics of Hitman far better than previous designs.

I don’t think everyone will agree, but to me this builds on the parts of 47 that are most interesting, and makes him feel more credible as a master assassin.


Kent you should add Jonathans from IO’s reply as well, he says it work in pogress.

The faster we can clear that, the soon we don’t have to hear people cry about it.


Well done! It’s definitely better that way.


Exactly Mads, but I think it’s fine that people are giving constructive feedback on how they prefer the face of 47.


Oh wow, nice work. Now he looks like he’s passed puberty.


It sure is, but people need to understand it is not final.


Even the sims’s version of 47 looks beter:


This is at least what I intend to do. There’s no point in complaining for the sake of it. But I take the work in progress post, as well as IOs stated goal of continuously taking fan wishes into consideration as something promising.

Maybe there’ll be a few tweaks of the type I am hoping for.


This is Rupert Friend… the guy playing 47 in the new Hitman movie later this year. Take it as you will…


@Kent said:

@Kent said:

Again, I have no real reservations for 47’s looks in HITMAN so far, but you make some very compelling points that I can get behind. In fact, I really like (and even prefer!) your Photoshopped version.


On this trailer we can see 20 different faces of Agent 47.

This looks right to me tho.


Here is the profile look