The Look of Agent 47


Oh Mr. Bateson you’re always the best. No one has ever come close. :grin:


Looks like a zombie if you tell me. Why is he all grey and shit? :joy:


Because the picture is black and white


Tweet it at him, I’m sure he’d like it.


Yeah i couldn`t find a good picture in colour, thanks dude.


You should definitely tweet it to him – he would love it I’m sure.


Quick sketch i did today with pen.


And a quick painting.


This one was just for fun haha, i used my face on this one.


Not so bad, but the forehead is a bit huge :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t just think it looks cool. It is amazing!


Looks like 47 is going make some one an offer they can’t refuse :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice jaw line you look like a definite candidate for a role in a Batman movie.


I am really jealous of your hair. So sleek. So smooth…


Plot twist: they actually made him in the Sims 4 and then ported it into HITMAN :joy:


he looks so soft and similar to Patrick Swayze.


I did!
and he twitted


Nice one!!!


Just to throw my two cents in here, I think 47 looks way too menacing in Absolution and way too young in HITMAN.

They’re both amazingly designed renditions, and I enjoy both, but to me they are missing the characteristics of the 47 we see in the HITMAN cutscenes.

Anything before Absolution doesn’t really matter to me in regards to graphics because none of them were really all that great due to graphical limitations. 47’s bald head looked like a dungeons and dragons dodecagon die up until Absolution, but that menacing look just wasn’t believable. Yeah, it was neat to see him get pissed off for a game but it’s hard to blend in when you look like you’ll fuck up the next person you make eye contact with. So I have to say it’s not quite perfect. Lose the Spock eyebrows and we’ll talk.

But he looks like he’s 28 years old in this game and he’s supposed to be 55…I mean I get that he’s timeless but he’s a human being, age the guy a little! And what’s with that stupid grin he has in all the early artwork? 47 doesn’t smile, what kind of dogshit idea is that lol

To me if they took the eyebrows away from HA 47 I would say he was perfect. In HITMAN he looks and walks like a cat with hip pain.