The Look of Agent 47


I just made this in photoshop. Its David Bateson`s face, the voice actor of 47. I think it looks pretty cool.


awesome… love it


They could legit just have Bateson’s face be 47’s in a hitman game and I’d be very happy with it. It’s the definitive look I reckon (that is, as long as he’s looking angry).


Oh Mr. Bateson you’re always the best. No one has ever come close. :grin:


Looks like a zombie if you tell me. Why is he all grey and shit? :joy:


Because the picture is black and white


Tweet it at him, I’m sure he’d like it.


Yeah i couldn`t find a good picture in colour, thanks dude.


You should definitely tweet it to him – he would love it I’m sure.


Quick sketch i did today with pen.


And a quick painting.


This one was just for fun haha, i used my face on this one.


Not so bad, but the forehead is a bit huge :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t just think it looks cool. It is amazing!


Looks like 47 is going make some one an offer they can’t refuse :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice jaw line you look like a definite candidate for a role in a Batman movie.


I am really jealous of your hair. So sleek. So smooth…


Plot twist: they actually made him in the Sims 4 and then ported it into HITMAN :joy:


he looks so soft and similar to Patrick Swayze.