The Look of Agent 47


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Just to throw my two cents in here, I think 47 looks way too menacing in Absolution and way too young in HITMAN.

They’re both amazingly designed renditions, and I enjoy both, but to me they are missing the characteristics of the 47 we see in the HITMAN cutscenes.

Anything before Absolution doesn’t really matter to me in regards to graphics because none of them were really all that great due to graphical limitations. 47’s bald head looked like a dungeons and dragons dodecagon die up until Absolution, but that menacing look just wasn’t believable. Yeah, it was neat to see him get pissed off for a game but it’s hard to blend in when you look like you’ll fuck up the next person you make eye contact with. So I have to say it’s not quite perfect. Lose the Spock eyebrows and we’ll talk.

But he looks like he’s 28 years old in this game and he’s supposed to be 55…I mean I get that he’s timeless but he’s a human being, age the guy a little! And what’s with that stupid grin he has in all the early artwork? 47 doesn’t smile, what kind of dogshit idea is that lol

To me if they took the eyebrows away from HA 47 I would say he was perfect. In HITMAN he looks and walks like a cat with hip pain.


I’m now on YouTube searching for “cat walking hip pain”.

But lol yeh I get what you are saying, although personally I quite like the current model in HITMAN and 47 does look about 45-50ish to me (except in the Thailand cutscene in which he looks 18). As long as they don’t use that early child-molester looking model I’m cool.

By the way he also has a quick smirk in the Thailand cutscene so…


He’s a genetically engineered human clone to be precise, that was designed to be physically better than the rest of us plebs. I expect him to age better than anyone else.

On a side note that’s why I always liked reading Judge Dredd comics when I was younger rather than the other ageless heroes (Marvel, DC etc). In the Dredd comics he’s a genetically engineered clone and the timeline progresses one year for every year in real life. He ages in real time. I forget how old he is but it’s about 70-75ish now I think. Due to being engineered (and some re-juve technology) he ages less than others. I have no problems with 47 being the same.


I know that Agent 47 is a genetically engineered clone who ages very well and can even heal much faster than the average human can. I don’t have a problem with any of that because it’s part of the HITMAN lore.

What I have a problem with is that 47 is noticeably older in every game and then they just magically revert him back to some young cat-prince and expect us to just ignore it when comparing canonical entries.

In C47, he looks fuckin’ horrifying so anything is better than that, but you can tell he’s young. In HSA he is a little older looking and more serious. Contracts and Blood Money he appears to be ever so slightly older but he looks generally the same between the two games.

Then enter Absolution, which shows him as being beaten, scarred, almost downright tired before he gets serious after The Saints attack. His face is visibly aged and his wrinkles are more pronounced to show his frustration. The game humanizes him slightly but then BAM here comes HITMAN and they’re like ‘yeah this takes place after absolution but instead we will make him look like a cat trapped inside a porn star’s body and reink his tattoo and call him timeless like James Bond.’ Just seems weird to me.

Yeah that smile was theatrical and situational though. When 47 is on a hit or out and about he’s not posing for the camera like his mom is gonna see him on tv :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol! Yes, having those guys running up to you yelling “Samananya tundayo!” Or whatever they were saying. Those snipers used to scare the hell out of me the first few times I played that level.


"Heyyyyy Diana did you see that? " (*waves) :smile:
“Yes I did 47. You looked perfect. Good work.” :blush:


Well said. In my mind 47 was always imagined as looking between 45 and 50 but in great physical condition.


What is up with you and cats? :no_mouth:


LOL actually in reality I genuinely have a marked aversion towards cats because every one my family ever owned was a complete asshole haha

But the reason why I keep referring 47 to as a cat in his earlier designs is because he looks a lot like a human with some cartoony cat like features. The tiny smile, the big empty eyes, the shape of his lips and the way his hips wobble when he walks: it reminds me of a cat in the sense that he looks smug but prissy at the same time.

Holy shit I sound crazy but I swear he looks like a cat in early design.

Heeeeere kitty kitty kitty :wink:


47 does not look like a cat he never did look like a cat and never will look like a cat, how dare you mock him this way.


The HITMAN model of 47 has a GREAT profile! When he does over the shoulder looks he’s bae.


I enjoyed his face in these instances. Yup, 47 is my husband. :kissing_closed_eyes:
I can’t lie they made him extremely attractive this year. At first I was blaming my summer hormones…


I think the improvements to 47 since the earlier days of the game has been tremendous, and I love how he looks now :slight_smile:

What I really, really love about 47’s appearance in the cutscenes of this game is that his age is like an optical illusion in the sense that sometimes he looks a little older and rugged (the way he should look imo), but sometimes he looks young and sinister like he did at the airport, as if he’s ready to go to Hitman College or something. But the cool part of that illusion is that it’s always making me go “wait, how old is this guy?” and that’s kind of the mysterious nature of 47 playing tricks on your eyes.

So I’m actually cool with it, I just find it a little weird after them making him look older in each of the consecutive previous games.


Wash your mouth, now! 47 looks like a cat, are you trying to get me this far I’m gonna hate 47? You pissed me off boy. If 47 was a cat he could never enjoy those dogs fucking in streets of hope. :pensive:


Piss Off Hitman Forum in One Sentence

Nominated Sentence: Early build 47 looks like a mischievous cat named Desmond who hates stepping in puddles and only eats the finest herring.


Im still not sure where your going with the cat comparisons but I did notice that he looks younger/older from different angles.


I still love his look in the new game. The intensity he has in cutscenes is very definitely him, and his younger appearance doesn’t bother me, even though he looked older in Absolution. I’m thinking he was just more worn down and angry in that game. But that’s just my opinion.


Can someone tell me what smartwatch 47 wears while running in E3 Trailer?