The Look of Agent 47


Can you imagine 47 ever using a bear costume/fursuit to blend in? I mean, it would make sense in Romania and he is Romanian after all…

Too bad that is actually bear skin and fur :disappointed_relieved:.


I was never dressed in a bear suit as a child. I believe they do this in the rural areas where they are more traditionals.
I grew up in the city. For Christmas we were dressed all nice at school then some one dressed as Santa Claus sits in a chair, we went to sit on his lap. Asked us if we were good this year, asks what we want and then gives sweets

Well, if this makes you sad. Just think in every Christmas its tradition to slaughter a pigs throat. There are 4 people holding the pig with some strings attacked to their paws. Then one person cuts the pigs throat. And they scream and scream.
After they proceed to skin it (the whole family) and then cuts it into pieces. And they do this all in the house garden, in the open.
All balkan does this. Or at least, Hungary and Serbia does this too in the same way.

But now for law you have to call some one, if you don’t posses a weapon, to kill the pig due to crudely reasons
I witness quite a few as a kid.


I don’t want to play the saint, mainly because I eat meat and all, but at least don’t be so brutal with the killing. The scene you describe is pretty horror-movie like, but that’s what a slaughter is afterall :confused:.


Someone should make one of those

“You vs The guy she tells you not to worry about”

Memes with something similar



Absolutely perfect.


My favourite look was the Contracts CG artwork version


Those artworks are awesome especially those from Contracts, I love the shadow in his eyesockets, somehow they remind me of death and thats why I always made the resemblance with death and 47.


They’ve got that early PS2 Eidos feel to em too, very simple and clean but still detailed. I like it.

(Please ignore the fact the words Simple and Detailed contradict each other k thx bai)


Hitman was so brutal when IO was with Eidos

Anyone knows why they are with Square Enix now? Is Eidos still active? I really don’t know much about this companies


SE bought Eidos and their IPs and now they exist separate to IO Interactive and make the new Deus Ex games as Eidos Montreal and Shanghai. As a publisher they were basically renamed to Square Enix Europe, but the name is still alive on the developer front.


47 in the alpha looks great. i’m talking about the alpha that travis played, not the one that got leaked.

47 looks like caillou grew up to be a hitman in the leaked alpha lol


When you take away the shadows from 47’s face (especially over his eyes) it’s so weird. It feels like I’m looking at an actual real life person. Also you can see all of the different ethnic features he has.


Such as? I just see a white guy personally.


His cheekbones are really high and extremely defined. (A characteristic in Asian or Amerindian or African people) White peoples cheekbones are usually less defined. Also his nose bridge isn’t as defined in this picture which was also a characteristic on the alpha in-game model but I’ve noticed they’ve changed that part of his faced so now his nose bridge became more defined. A less defined nose bridge makes a face either appear Asian or Black.

These are general guidelines when you try to either draw or sculpt a face. Certain facial characteristics generally demonstrate a certain racial or ethnic group.

I can also understand how 47’s pale skin and blue eyes could distract from his other subtle features and give you the overal appearance of a white male. Also he does have hooded eyes (don’t confuse this with monolids those are completely different things) which are an eye shape commonly seen on white men and women especially when they age. To me his face always looked a little ambiguous but still mostly white.




He looks really cute tho #nohomo



20 characters




Do you guys (I imagine the gals certainly know) Christian Louboutin? He makes those heels with the red soles? Anyway I just had to go shopping with my gf and Louboutin makes guys shoes. Some are insane but some are normal black dress shoes with red soles. I think 47 would totally buy those to go with his red lined suit.