The Look of Agent 47


Now that the seasons over, just wanted to say the face did grow on me once I saw Bateson talking out of it in Thailand. The Absolution face was my personal favorite, so if you guys do update the model I hope you guys take the best of each.

Also REALLY hope you guys continue the tradition of a new signature suit per game, and we see a new one for Season 2. Really fun tradition.


To support the above post - I’d love new signature suits for every release!

Back on track: My favorite look of 47 is probably the promotional material for Absolution:

Maybe this, but it might be “too much”:


47 looked amaaazing in the promo for Abs. Surprised how much they fucked up the in-game suit


What was wrong with the in-game suit? I like his look in Absolution but I don’t like how he’s fixed in a constant frown.


I found yesterday this video on youtube. Makes me sad that I didn’t enjoy that much the graphics in Absolution


I love the more neutral face of the first picture I posted 4 posts above - it looks like a realistic version of 47 (the face, not the suit - which I had no problem with)


It just looks weird to me. Lack of padded shoulders couls be part of it. Overall it somehow looks more like a costume than an actual suit to me.


So where is the watch now?


Everyone is arguing over HITMAN / Absolution and I still think the best ones are these:

Artwork 47 : Contracts

Gameplay 47: Blood Money


They went backwards in so many ways with Hitman 2016 it’s such a shame.


When a 2012 old gen game looks better than a 2016 new gen one


i blame consoles… the PS4 and Xbone did not take a big enough leap in their hardware from last gen




How crap does the gore look next to Absolution? watching the accident kills side by side leaves Hitman 2016 looking incredibly lacking. The way they scream in Absolution and flail around as they fall and then you have Hitman 2016 :joy:.


Well the watch is still there.

The question is: Where is our ‘Blackballer’ now?


Season two maybe season three? :yum:



The ICA-19 is the Blackballer :^)


The video was posted a few days ago in another thread too. While I think Absolution looks good (they did have a huge budget and 5 years to make it), by comparison I still prefer the new game’s visuals as they look realistic, the bloom and high contrast in Absolution were a bit over the top. Also playing one game on maxed out settings and the other on medium/high at best isn’t really a fair comparison graphics wise.