The Look of Agent 47


The ICA-19 is the Blackballer :^)


The video was posted a few days ago in another thread too. While I think Absolution looks good (they did have a huge budget and 5 years to make it), by comparison I still prefer the new game’s visuals as they look realistic, the bloom and high contrast in Absolution were a bit over the top. Also playing one game on maxed out settings and the other on medium/high at best isn’t really a fair comparison graphics wise.



Nope – the ICA Silverballer is not even the Silverballer (almost but not quite).


Oddly it’s in one of the Challenges for Hokkaido so either
a. it’s coming at a later date
b. They realise it makes better promo photo’s.


Hitman 2016 looks like a F2P game compared to Absolution


If this was the state of F2P game i would play a lot more of them.


Except Absolution was not a true Hitman game.


You say this is good looking game? LOL


Yeah, too bad they’re filled with glitches and bad animations.


At it’s time it was one of the best looking games.

Also I said Hitman 2016 looks worse. A lot less detail


People find a way to complain if they decide to.
That’s just your personal openion.


And ingame purchases so you can become overpowered and kill all the players who don’t pay. [quote=“Scourged, post:2725, topic:2054”]
At it’s time it was one of the best looking games.

I still think it looks very good. [quote=“Scourged, post:2725, topic:2054”]
Also I said Hitman 2016 looks worse. A lot less detail

This i don’t agree with, to some degree. Over all Graphics are better, but there was a lot of small details to each level. Well that also make sense, since that most levels are very small and filled with details to make them interesting.


I think he looks fine in this game.

I would have maybe preferred a slightly more rugged look though.


Well, the mesh and texture quality tells otherwise


in Hitman 2016 he looks clean and sharp because of the overall style of the game. Each game has its own interpretation of 47 and his looks. We still recognise him because the most important elements stay the same. He is a bald caucasian man with a peculiar tattoo.
Some prefer Absolution because it´s a more realistic image of a man who lives a violent life. He scarred and tired of his harsh life.
BM and HITMAN take in that regard a less realistic approach in the looks of 47. They epitomise the image of a perfect human being, a perfect assassin. Which is perfect because of the story both games tell.
Personally I prefer Contracts because 47 is shrouded in mystery and the imagery is that of death personified.
Codename 47 and Silent Assassin are quite old and I do think at that time the designers were limited in 47´s design. The art still looks rad though and this is by no means a jab at their style. They looked freaking awesome for their time.
Though I must admit that in HITMAN 47 is more handsome than ever. Which is something that is not necessarily a good thing. I understand perfect being and all that, but 47 being a catwalk model bugs me. He looks like your everday famous actor and not like a scary marksman. But he may have had some plastic surgery after the events of absolution… (plot holes…)

47 is a magical being that becomes what each game need him to be.


I think his look is fine for the most part, although I do think it could be a bit more detailed.
Also, I’d prefer it if he looked slightly more passive over the “I’m going to murder you” look he constantly has, but it’s not really a biggie.


Is this what gives it that grainy feel to it? If that’s what you mean I agree I didn’t like that too much.


Not exactly, that’s a film grain filter, I actually forgot about that but I didn’t really like it either. I meant to say that everything was really bright because of the bloom and the color palette they used was too in the eye. I get that they wanted to give a cinematic look to the game but I personally prefer it look as natural/realistic as possible, even if the colors are a bit pale in certain light conditions (eg. Sapienza).


I didn’t though about it that way. Still looked good on PS3 if I’m not mistaken.