The Look of Agent 47


I don’t have a problem with his current face, what bugs me is the total absence of facial expressions. I mean he doesn’t even move his eyes, nothing. Always staring straight ahead, no head turning, he only blinks in a weird way that doesn’t really make his eyelid to move, the texture is just dragged down like it’s pulled down by a fishing hook, looks terrible.

Head doesn’t move when the player moves his mouse etc. Absolution had way more polish. But I get that, they really cut the funding this game received, and I prefer this technically poor version of Hitman than no hitman at all.


I wonder if they have more funds for the next one and will improve these things you just say. Or any other animation in this case.


I’m not expecting much difference in terms of graphics (art style) and animations for season 2.
I think they’ll just add new levels and improve already existing features…


I don’t expect much of a change if any graphically but I do expect new features unless they are just charging us DLC price.


At leat they could at some eyeball animations… 47 would look less dead with them :eyes:


I’m hoping for some improvements on 47’s animations along the way and I hope they come in a patch much earlier than season 2. I think I counted 8 animators in the credits and I’m wondering how come they can’t get around to improve/add more animations to the main character. Most NPC animations are already done and except for some custom ones being made for the targets, rigging new models should be straightforward and as less time consuming as possible.

My personal pet peeve is how 47 steps over two stairs at once even when he’s walking, he looks really funny raising his knees up to his waist. The NPCs have the right animation though.


I think that npc’s having the right animations when walking up stairs is because their path is set in the game. However the developers can’t predict how the players will move 47. So that would make it a great deal more difficult putting animations for 47 in game. The unpredictability of 47 is quite a challenge I imagine . Especially with a smaller budget for this season, they probably had to cut small details like this one.
And when you break the set path for npc you see that they have set paths. When throwing coins, sometimes they’ll have a weird path walking toward the noise.


I’m not sure if you understood what I meant, 47 steps over two stairs instead of one, so he makes really wide footsteps which look quite funny as he’s in no hurry when walking, yet the NPCs step on each stair like they should. They could simply use the npc’s animation while walking and keep the 2 stairs at once animation while running up the stairs. I don’t care if his foot doesn’t land right on the stair every time, only that he should take one step at a time. :slight_smile:


47 ain’t got time for one step at a time there’s killing to be done :yum:.


If you bother to walk instead of run, then you’re in no hurry to do the killing. :wink:


Yeah but then people will become suspicious…oh wait :thinking:.


I’m sorry I misunderstood you. Now I read your comment I realised i completely missed your point. I totally agree that the in game walking animations should be changed.


That was so poetic. :cry:


Which part?
:joy: it wasn’t my intention to be poetic :joy:


Yea he also blinks weird. Which doesn’t look so much “perfect clone bald assasin” as much as robot.


47 walking speed is optimised very good. So there is no need to change. It is brisk and suits him and suits vast level sizes to cover. That doesn’t mean the controlled walking in silent assasin was not good. It was badass.
Walking speed control using gamepad stick isn’t as efficient because holding stick midway for long time is hard. But that option is available for those who wants to walk slow. For PC, they might add speed control later.


TFW still no briefcase. :disappointed:




That’s true, we’ve had Paris since Hitman Contracts and all the way up to the latest one.

Shame we’ll probably never see Russia again, Like in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin. :disappointed:


Never say never :blush::v:️️